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Spring Term 2020

Home Learning

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and busy doing some interesting activities at home?

If you would like some suggestions please look at the Nursery Page under the Home School Learning Topic. 


This term we have been learning about superheroes and their powers.

We have discovered that we all have special super powers and we use them to help us learn.   Our super powers help us to keep trying, concentrate, find new ways to do things , take risks, solve problems and develop the confidence to meet daily challenges.

We can demonstrate some of our super powers.  We can move freely with confidence and pleasure in many different ways such as, crawling, running, jumping, balancing and walking. 

We use our gross motor-skills and fine motor-skills to develop control to use one-handed tools and equipment.  We can understand and respond to positional language and follow directions.  

We show satisfaction when we meet our goals and we are proud of our achievements.

Autumn Term 2019


In nursery the children enjoy a weekly cooking session.

This term we have been making pizzas, biscuits and apple doughnuts to name a few!   The children like to take their cooking home to show and tell family and friends but sometimes they like to eat their cooking at snack time. 

Cooking helps the children to develop many different skills, it encourages them to be self-directed and independent and they learn to follow directions and problem solve.  They also develop fine motor skills by chopping, mixing, squeezing and spreading.  Above all it boosts self-confidence and a sense of personal achievement.