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Welcome to Year 5 Starfish and Polar Bears. We (Miss Mistry and Miss Nash) are so excited to have you back in the classroom and have lots of fun on our learning journeys. 

Year 5 is going to be filled with new adventures, new learning and lots of hard work.

Miss Nash will be teaching Year 5 Starfish and Miss Mistry will be teaching Year 5 Polar Bears. 

Mrs Beasley will be supporting both classes. Mrs Vaux and Mrs Hobbins will be working as 1:1 support. 

This is going to be your classroom Polar Bears!

You will now be on the top floor of upper school so will come up the ramp and turn right at the top.

Your lockers are directly outside the classroom so this is where you will store all of your belongings before coming into the room. Your desks are currently laid out in rows and I will assign you a seat in September! 

Have a lovely Summer, have lots of fun and make lots of memories ready to share in September.

I will see you soon.

Miss Mistry 

This is going to be your new classroom Starfish.

We will be at the top of the ramp in upper school. Your belongings will go inside of the lockers which are already labelled and waiting for you.

Inside Starfish classroom, you will be sat in rows and I will show you where to sit.

Cannot wait for September. I hope you all have a lovely six weeks with your family and friends,

Miss Nash 

Our text for September is 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. 

Firstly, we will become amazing authors exploring character and setting descriptions and hopefully write our own short narrative.

We will also become brilliant detectives and report events formally. 

In the afternoons, we will be producing some beautiful art work linked to our story. 

We will begin the year by recapping Place Value in Autumn 1. 

We will focus on: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding and identifying place value up to hundred thousands.


Homework will be handed out every Friday and will need to be in school by the following Thursday.

Please ensure you are reading at home with your children each evening too. 

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please provide your children will suitable footwear to participate. 


Websites to support your learning in Maths:


Hit the Button - Multiplication and Division 


Multiplication - Match the answer


Speedy Way - Multiplication Race


Granny Racing - Multiplication Race


Penguin Jump - Multiplication Race


Fairy Land Fun - Multiplication Fairies


Cone Crazy - Division Penguin Ice Creams



Websites to support your learning in English:


Contractions - eg. Should not - Shouldn't


Reverse Contractions - eg. Couldn't - Could not


Apostrophes - Where does it go?


Conjunctions - Join sentences


Word Types - Is it an Adjective, Comparative Adjective, Common Noun or a Proper Noun?