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Year Five


Year 5 at Oakfield Primary Academy is home to 60 enthusiastic and fantastic individuals. We are fully prepared for a year of hard work, with plenty of rewards along the way! 

Mr Cole is the teacher in Lobster class, supported by Mrs Hart as the Learning Support Assistant. 

Miss Mistry is the teacher in Penguin class supported by Mrs Randall as the Learning Support Assistant. 

Lobster's Assembly Songs!

Alchemy Island


Year 5 have been looking at the mystery and wonder of Alchemy Island during the Autumn 1 half term. We have been reading Shadow Forest by Matt Haig and using this to help us write our own mysterious adventure stories. We linked this story and topic to our first area of Science - Materials and their properties.


In our Discovery lessons, we have been researching about Norway where the Shadow Forest story is set.

In Art and Design lessons, we have created our own Alchemy Island monsters out of clay.



Year 5 will be looking at the Tudors during the Autumn 2 half term. We will be learning about lots of history relating to the Tudor times.

So far we have researched Henry VIII and his 6 wives, written biographies about William Shakespeare and learnt about the structure of Tudor buildings.

Clockwork - All wound up


Year 5 will be reading Phillip Pullman's Clockwork - All wound up during the Spring 1 half term. We will be writing our own Gothic Horror stories using a range of exciting writing techniques to create tension and detailed descriptions.

We will also be looking at forces during our Science lessons, investigating the effects of water and air resistance.



Fasten your seatbelts and strap on your space gear! Year 5 are blasting out of this world and up to the stars. For Spring 2 we will be travelling to outer space, researching about Apollo 11, the first man on the moon, planets in our solar system and so much more.

Here is a Space Homework Project for children to complete during half term.


WWII - Goodnight Mister Tom



Ancient Egypt - Secrets of a Sun King


Prepare yourselves for our final Topic of Year 5, Ancient Egypt!
We will be looking at Ancient Egypt to discover; how the pyramids were built, who the Ancient Egyptian Gods were, how they made farming easier and so much more. We will be basing our literacy work on the fantastic story Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carrol.





Year 5 have begun looking at computer coding with the hopes of creating their own game. Have a practice at coding using Scratch via the link below.




Year 5 have started the year by looking at Place Value of numbers up to 1 million, Adding and Subtracting up to 6 digit numbers and Multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 2 digit number.

We have looked at a variety of different methods.



Below is a link to a YouTube video explaining how to use the Singapore Bar Model method to solve word problems.


Maths Games!

Hit the Button - Multiplication and Division


Multiplication - Match the answer


Speedy Way - Multiplication Race


Granny Racing - Multiplication Race


Penguin Jump - Multiplication Race


Fairy Land Fun - Multiplication Fairies


Cone Crazy - Division Penguin Ice Creams


Times Table Songs

Why not listen to these tunes and have a go at practicing your times tables to Mr Cole's songs.



Year 5 Lobsters have had a look at CPR and how to save a life.