Oakfield Primary Academy

We are proud of ourselves. We are proud of each other. We are proud of our community.

Welcome to Year 5 Starfish and Polar Bears. We (Miss Mistry and Miss Nash) are so excited to have you back in the classroom and have lots of fun on our learning journeys. 

Year 5 is going to be filled with new adventures, new learning and lots of hard work.

Miss Nash teaches Starfish class and Miss Mistry teaches Polar Bears  

Our additional adults are: Mrs Beasley, Mrs Craggs and Mrs Hobbins

Home Learning 

  In this section, you will find your Morning and Afternoon messages from Miss Nash and Miss Mistry. We hope you are all safe and getting on well with your Home Learning. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing work when you come back on Monday 23rd November.

Remember to share your work with your teacher. We love to see how you are doing:

 Miss Nash - nash.j@welearn365.com

Miss Mistry - mistry.p1@welearn365.com 






For Miss Mistry's afternoon video, please head to our school's Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the file was too big to be saved on the website. 

Here is a link to the video for you to watch: https://fb.watch/1PGcTspvn6/


This is Polar Bears' Classroom

This is Starfish's classroom

Autumn 2

Our first Mini Mission in Autumn 2 is called 'Horrible Histories' where we will be exploring different elements of Crime and Punishment through time. 

We will be looking at the following eras: Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Tudors, Victorian and Modern day. 

In our work, we will be using timelines, a range of sources to address reliability and comparing different periods of time to one another.

In our writing, we will be writing a balanced argument and an explanation text using a range of our grammatical skills. 

Cruel Crime and Painful Punishment (Horrible Histories): Amazon.co.uk:  Deary, Terry: 9780439979276: Books


Autumn 1

Our first text for September was 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. 


Tuesday, David Wiesner Powerpoint and IWB | Teaching Resources

We wrote some fantastic setting descriptions before moving onto becoming 'expert' reporters.

Our second Mini Mission was Space where we explored the position of planets, how they rotate, the Earth and moon in relation to the Earth.

Watercolour Space" Metal Print by effydev | Redbubble


We also wrote our own explanation texts on the Solar System.

Furthering this topic, in DT, we made our own lever systems to show how the Moon orbits the Earth. 


Thirdly, our final Mini Mission was forces. In this Mini Mission, we investigated different forces which act on objects, completing a range of experiments and scientific write-ups. Also, we learned all about Isaac Newton and created a biography about his life. 

Watercolor hot air balloon, clouds and star - Stock Illustration [44489048]  - PIXTA


Autumn 1 - Maths - The topics we have covered include: Place Value, Rounding, Addition, Subtraction and Statistics.


Autumn 2 - Maths - We will be completing our topic on Statistics before moving on to: Multiplication, Division and other exciting areas of Maths. 

Homework will be handed out every Friday and does not need to be returned; however please ensure your child is completing these activities and practising their spellings. 

Please ensure you are reading at home with your children each evening too. We check reading records every Friday. 

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please provide your children will suitable footwear and clothing to participate. 


Websites to support your learning in Maths:


Hit the Button - Multiplication and Division 


Multiplication - Match the answer


Speedy Way - Multiplication Race


Granny Racing - Multiplication Race


Penguin Jump - Multiplication Race


Fairy Land Fun - Multiplication Fairies


Cone Crazy - Division Penguin Ice Creams



Websites to support your learning in English:


Contractions - eg. Should not - Shouldn't


Reverse Contractions - eg. Couldn't - Could not


Apostrophes - Where does it go?


Conjunctions - Join sentences


Word Types - Is it an Adjective, Comparative Adjective, Common Noun or a Proper Noun?