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Welcome to Year One!

We are very excited for another fantastic year of learning at Oakfield.

Deers class teacher is Miss Robinson, with Mrs Ellis as Learning Support Assistant.

Please don't hesitate to speak to us at any time if you have questions about your child's learning. 





 P.E (kit must be in school – white shirt, black shorts, pumps etc.)

Spelling test, spellings sent home


Homework due in.




Homework sent home



A big thank you to all parents of year 1 children for supporting your child's reading at home. As well as being really fun, reading at home each day will improve your child's performance in school... and beyond!  Research has shown that just 5 minutes each day makes a big difference.

Please speak to your child's class teacher or click the link below for help and ideas to try with your child at home:


Of course, your child also does lots of reading at school too! Each child has a given day to change their reading books, so please check with your class teacher, but please make sure they bring their reading book in to school every day.


Useful websites

Phonics and Reading





If you are looking for help with how to pronounce the sounds your children are learning, here is helpful video:







If you have any questions or want any resources to support your child, please speak to your class teacher.



Autumn Term


During this topic we are learning all about our super bodies! We learnt about all of the different body parts that we have and what we can use them for. There was lots of discussion about which foods are healthy and unhealthy, with some amazing reasoning. 

We shared a class story, Traction Man and were shocked to discover the evil pillow had captured the animals! After playing detectives and creating a wanted poster, we were able to suss out who had trapped the animals. Luckily we are a creative bunch and created inventions to save the animals. To finish off our work about Traction Man and the evil dishcloth, retold the story in our own words to show off our skills.


 In maths we have been consolidating our counting skills to 20, ordering numbers and comparing bigger and smaller amounts. Not only have we been practising our counting, we have had the challenge of tackling our "Maths No Problem" books. We are so confident at this that we can't wait for our next chapter, Making Number Stories!

Paws, Claws and Whiskers!

Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers… What’s your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that slithers?

This half term we will be learning about animals, animal bodies and learning how they are different to our own. Last week, we were astonished to find that a tiger had come to tea! He had made a huge mess! Who knows what else this half term will have in store...


We have made our own split pin animals to learn how their bodies work. Take a look! 


In maths we have been practising our subtraction skills by crossing out, counting back on a number line and solving subtraction stories. 

 Spring Term

 Moon Zoom!

 Which planet would you want to visit and why? Perhaps you would like to visit the moon like Neil Armstrong! 

This half term we are learning all about astronauts from past and present, facts about the planets and designing our own rockets. 


One chilly Monday morning, there was an enormous crash and a bang! Year 1 were shocked to find out that there was an alien space crash outside our window! We used the parts of the wreckage to guess who had crash landed on Earth. We discovered it was an astronaut's space craft. 

We have learnt all about Bob, the man on the Moon and the jobs he does on the moon. We have written diary entries, written tourist leaflets about the moon and have acted out the story. 



We had a message from astronaut Mick, who needed us to test materials to see which one would be suitable to make a rocket ship with. We then designed and made our own rockets. Would they make it into the space? 


What an exciting end to a half term! Not only did we train to be astronauts but we launched our own vinegar and baking powder rockets! We have been so excited by our space topic and can not wait to see what next half term holds. 


To learn our ordinal numbers, we have taken part in races to see who was first, second and third. We wonder who the fastest runner in Year 1 is?

We have also been practising our left and right to start writing our own directions. We looked at animals, fruits and people in a queue to work out who (or what) was where.