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Welcome to Year One!

We are very excited for another fantastic year of learning at Oakfield.

Year One is made up of 2 classes; Dragonfly class and Giraffe class.

Dragonfly class teacher is Miss Wright

Giraffe class teacher is Mrs Williams

Both classes are support by Miss Young in the mornings and Mrs Hart in the afternoons.

Giraffe class are taught by Mrs Ray-Etienne on Thursday while Mrs Williams completes her role as SENCo.

Please don't hesitate to speak to us on the playground in the morning or after school if you have any questions or concerns about your child and their learning journey at Oakfield. 


PE is on Wednesday afternoon - please make sure kit is in school - white t.shirt, black shorts and pumps.


Homework: Homework will be sent out on Friday and is due in on Wednesday. We encourage children to have a go at their homework; why not use this time to discuss what they have been doing in school this week. We thank you in advance for all you support!



A big thank you to all parents of year 1 children for supporting your child's reading at home. As well as being really fun, reading at home each day will improve your child's performance in school... and beyond!  Research has shown that just 5 minutes each day makes a big difference.

Please speak to your child's class teacher or click the link below for help and ideas to try with your child at home:


Of course, your child also does lots of reading at school too! Each child will have their book changed once a week; but please make sure your child has their book with them daily.


Useful websites

Phonics and Reading





If you are looking for help with how to pronounce the sounds your children are learning, here is helpful video:







If you have any questions or want any resources to support your child, please speak to your class teacher.


Autumn Term 1

WOW, what an amazing start to the year Giraffe class and Dragonfly class have had. We began by talking about where we live, drawing our houses and labelling what we have in our houses and who we live with. We moved onto learning about Rugby and what an amazing town we live in! We bought in pictures of ourselves from babies to now and ordered these to create a timeline of our lives! We enjoyed telling our teachers all about when we were babies, toddlers, reception children and now! They were amazed by how much we had all changed and how much we could explain how our bodies had changed!


We moved onto learn all about our 5 senses and what we can do with them! We went on a senses walk around our school and created a mind map of all things we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We labelled our senses on a picture of a body and thought about what we would do if we had Super Senses; imagining we were superheroes! We have learnt all about the parts of our bodies and what they do; we enjoyed drawing around a friend and labelling their main body parts! More recently we have learnt about the artist Arcimboldo; who used fruit to create portraits. It was great fun when we got to make our own! We then used our knowledge of faces to sketch self portraits!

In Literacy

We have been on an exciting journey discovering the story 'Lost and found' we began by making predictions about the story by using the picture on the front of the book to help us. We have read the story and done lots of tasks which helped us to understand the characters; then we used talk for writing to help us retell it. We slowly built up to re writing the story in our own words! Mrs Williams and Miss Wright were so proud of what we produced; they challenged us to be able to change the story and write our own version! 


 In maths

We have been consolidating our counting skills to 20, ordering numbers and comparing bigger and smaller amounts. We have been such superstars that we have been looking at addition and understanding addition calculations as part + part = whole. We have definitely risen to the challenge! Not only have we been practising our counting and adding, we have had the challenge of tackling our "Singapore maths" books for the first time. We are so confident at this that we can't wait for our next chapter, 'Counting back!'


Autumn 2

 This half term we have launched our first mini-missions of our new Concentric Curriculum!

Art focus: Neverland!

We used the story of 'Peter Pan' to explore the story and develop our artistic skills - using collage, drawing and colour to create different effects to represent our favourite characters.

((Pictures coming soon!)

History focus: Our Queen!

We learnt how to use and ask questions about different sources to find out information about our Queen. We discussed how to keep ourselves safe online when looking for information and wrote our own non-fiction books from what we had learnt.

(Pictures coming soon!)

D&T focus: The Polar Express!

 We learnt how to explore and evaluate a range of different Christmas tree decorations and used what we liked about them to create our own using different joining and cutting techniques.

(Pictures coming soon!)


In Maths

 We have built on our subtraction skills from last half term and used these to solve problems with numbers to 20. We then moved on looking at ordinal numbers and positions in queues and saying who was 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Keep practising your counting to 100 because you will need this next half term! 


Spring 1

 Happy New Year everyone! We started 2020 with some exciting new mini-missions...

Geography focus: Oh the places we'll go!

 We came back to school to find that some animals had appeared to have gotten lost and we needed to help them find their way home! We learnt about all of the 7 continents of the world and talked about the differences  between them and Rugby. We then used our learning to return all of the animals to the correct continent!

(Pictures coming soon!)

Literacy focus: Little Red Riding Hood

We also have been practising our storytelling skills using Talk4Writing actions to build our vocabulary to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood in our own words. We had to include adjectives and similes when describing the big bad wolf. We moved onto creating our own version of Little Red Riding Hood using our knowledge of the 7 continents and the animals that lived there. We had to write about Little Red Riding Hood going on a journey through a setting in a new continent and meeting an animal that lives there. For example Antarctica and a penguin. 


Science Focus: Seasonal Changes

We learnt about the 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We discussed how we know what season is it, what months make up a season and how the 4 seasons are different to each other. We wrote descriptions of each season, explaining the differences.


In Maths

We consolidated our numbers to 20 and addition and subtraction skills. We used these knowledge and skills to solve practical problems.