Oakfield Primary Academy

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Year Six

Year 6 at Oakfield Primary Academy is home to 60 vibrant and energetic individuals! We are fully prepared for a year of hard work, with plenty of rewards along the way! Miss Abel and Miss Mistry  are the Year 6 teachers, supported by Mrs Mogul and Mrs Randall as our Learning Support Assistants. Mrs Hickton does 1-1 support.

Our first area of learning this term is The Firework Maker's Daughter, a novel written by Philip Pullman. We have already got off to a flying start to the topic by learning lots about Indonesia, writing diaries and setting descriptions and we have finished off the term writing epic adventure stories!

 Our PE day is Thursday. 

Homework and spellings are due in Wednesday/Thursday each week too. Children are encouraged to read every night and practise their times tables frequently. 

Year Six get the opportunity each year to work with a Rugby School Mentor on a Wednesday Afternoon.  This is a great opportunity for the students to develop both their academic and social skills.  Some of the activities they have completed so far include: solving murder mysteries, designing school logos and mission statements, and revising grammar and punctuation.  The mentor programme offers great benefits to both schools and everyone involved in it has a great time.

Our science topic for this half term is living things and their habitats. We have learnt how to classify animals using two different methods and then took our learning outside to classify leaves in the school nature garden! After that, we have designed and carried out a fair test on bread to see which conditions mould grows best in. This hands on learning has really engaged our pupils and the results were disgusting! 

Here is a list of useful websites you may want to use when supporting your chidl with their learning. Some interactive games to make learning engaging! 

Autumn 2 

We have begun our first mini mission of the term, looking at the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. Our topics launch was a circus skills workshop which the children thoroughly enjoyed! We will be writing persuasive leaflets as our extended write for this topic. 

Our mini-mission focus is art. We will be recreating an image from the book using three skills: water colour blending, collage and sketching. We have practiced sketching by zooming in one one particular part of the picture. We definitely have some budding artists in Year 6 this year!

As well as this, we are writing persuasive leaflets on a circus camp. Circus 1903 has been our inspiration, along with our book Leon and the Place Between. The leaflets are brilliant and we certainly have some children in class who could go onto a career in marketing. 

Autumn 2 - Mini Mission 2! TOMB RAIDERS

To launch our mini-mission, we became archaeologists! Lots of different artefacts and newspaper articles were hidden in sand and we had to dig them out, talk about what we had found, ask questions about them and analyse what it can teach us about Egyptian life. Charlie even said during the lesson: "I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up." The children are historians during this mission to analyse sources of information, look at the chronology of Egyptian history in comparison to world history and write an information text on Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun. 

Spring 1

We had two very exciting mini missions during Spring 1. The first was FairTrade where we had a geography focus on identifying where fairtrade products came from, why they grow where they are, map skills, comparing places with the UK, and exploring the topography of South America. All of the children considered the morals and ethics behind fairtrade products and considered the impact it has for farmers. We ended the topic by making our very own fairtrade chocoalte bars!

Following that, our second mini mission was I Heart Me -  a sciene topic based on the circulatory system. We are writing information texts based on everything we have learnt and conducting a fair test on how exercise affects heart rate. We kicked the topic off with a heart dissection and making our own blood samples! It is safe to say there are some budding scientists in Year 6!