Oakfield Primary Academy

We are proud of ourselves. We are proud of each other. We are proud of our community.

Year Six

Year 6 at Oakfield Primary Academy is home to 60 vibrant and energetic individuals! We are fully prepared for a year of hard work, with plenty of rewards along the way! Mr Cole and Mr Cooke are the Year 6 teachers, supported by Mrs Mogul as our Learning Support Assistant.

Our first area of learning this term is Leon and the Place Between, a novel written by Angela McAllister.

Our PE session is on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Homework will be handed out each Friday and the children will have a spelling and multiplication test on Wednesdays. Children are encouraged to read every night and practise their times tables frequently. 

Here is a list of useful websites you may want to use when supporting your child with their learning. Some interactive games to make learning engaging! 

Maths Games!

Hit the Button - Multiplication and Division


Multiplication - Match the answer


Speedy Way - Multiplication Race


Granny Racing - Multiplication Race


Penguin Jump - Multiplication Race


Fairy Land Fun - Multiplication Fairies


Cone Crazy - Division Penguin Ice Creams


Times Table Songs

Why not listen to these tunes and have a go at practicing your times tables to Mr Cole's songs.