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Year Six

Year 6 at Oakfield Primary Academy is home to 58 vibrant and energetic individuals! We are fully prepared for a year of hard work, with plenty of rewards along the way! Miss Abel and Mr Cooke  are the Year 6 teachers, supported by Mrs Jordan and Mrs Mogul as our Learning Support Assistants. 

Our first area of learning this term is The Firework Maker's Daughter, a novel written by Philip Pullman. We have already got off to a flying start to the topic by learning lots about Indonesia, writing diaries and adventure stories and trying to persuade an obstinate king to release an imprisoned father!



Year Six get the opportunity each year to work with a Rugby School Mentor on a Wednesday Afternoon.  This is a great opportunity for the students to develop both their academic and social skills.  Some of the activities they have completed so far include: solving murder mysteries, designing school logos and mission statements, and revising grammar and punctuation.  The mentor programme offers great benefits to both schools and everyone involved in it has a great time.

Our science topic for this Half term is Light.  We have been completing lots of experiments to test our own theories on how light moves and reacts in different scenarios.  We have established that: light travels in straight lines; shadows change depending on the angle of the light source; how the eye works and how little of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see.

Spring 1

It's the start of a new year in Year 6 and all of our children have come back with a 'ready-to-learn' attitude! This term we are studying the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' and learning about The Final Solution in our Topic lessons. Already we have produced some brilliant work on the characters Bruno and Gretel, writing some very insulting character profiles about the siblings! AFter that, we have all written a playscript about a conversation between Father and Bruno, looking at the difference between formal and informal language. Starfish class made puppet shows before we did this to help generate some inspirational ideas and conversations for our scripts.

Our work with Rugby School continues and children are using their mentor sessions to tackle cross-curricular activites such as World War 2 Code to Crack and plotting countries in Europe with death tolls in the Holocaust. Our children are being very mature handling this sensitive topic and are teaching their mentors what they are learning about in History as well.

Science this term is looking at electricity and we have conducted experiments to test conductors and insulators. One of our students is a wizz at making parallel circuits and happily taught their peers how to do it! Definitely a budding scientist!

In SPAG, Miss Abel's class have been learning about the present perfect tense and used the U2 song to explore what it is. Take a look at their video below!

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Here is a list of useful websites you may want to use when supporting your chidl with their learning. Some interactive games to make learning engaging! 


Summer term started brilliantly for Year 6 with every child trying their absolute hardest in their SATS. We are so very proud of each and every one of our children for giving it their all. 

Now, onto the fun curriculum content......we are following a topic called 'Blood Heart' and have begun by dissecting hearts! Take a look at the photos below....we may have inspired a few surgeons during this lesson!

Our trip to the Big Sing will take place on June 24th and the link to purchase tickets (free of charge) is here:


As part of our work on the circulatory system, we have written information texts. Take a look at the double page spreads we have produced! They are amazing!

We also took part in a science workshop and investigated blood splatter! 

Year 6 visit to Ypres, Belgium. We study WW1 and Ypres is the perfect place to visit to learn about the history and the effects of the war. We visited cemeteries, old trench sites, Tyne Cot, a chocolate factory and In Flander's Field War Museum.