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SEND Resources

Please see below for some additional support resources to support children with SEND. If you would like further resources have ideas for support resources, please feel free to contact us via. our admin2419@welearn365.com email address.

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We know that this time at home for your children may be causing them some stress, anxiety, anger and frustration. The Warwickshire educational psychology service has put together some additional support for both parents and staff. The web seminar above would be a super starting point in supporting your child.


 The website. www.iheartcbt.com/for-parents also has other fantastic resources for helping parents support children through their worries, anxieties, fears or anger towards the current situation. 


Below are some social stories to help your child understand the current situation and also the potential return to school. 

 Benjamin Bear and the Long Winter pdf.pdfDownload
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With more children returning to school soon we thought the following video may help explain the current situation.