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If you would like to contact Miss Wright or Mrs Williams, please send an email to Wright.S9@welearn365.com or Williams.S1@welearn365.com 
We ask that you only use this channel if Miss Wright or Mrs Williams are your child's class teacher and to: share learning; allow contact between your child and their teacher or to ask for advice and guidance about any learning tasks set.
We ask that is you have any additional queries or concerns that you continue to raise these via. our admin2419@welearn365.com email address or for any safeguarding concerns, you follow guidance in our COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Update which can be found in the safeguarding tab on the Home Learning section of our school website.
We look forward to seeing and sharing all the wonderful work which you have been creating and remember that you are all doing an amazing job!

Year 1 Home Learning

Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July

The final week of term is here! Before we go into the work for this week we would just like to say how unbelievably proud of all of you we are (parents; you too!!) We know that these last few months haven't been easy, so we wanted to thank you for your support; from the minute your children came to us from reception to now; although this year hasn't been what it was meant to; you have adapted to all situations thrown your way!

When your children return in September we will still be there for them to support and help the transition! But we think they are going to absolutely smash being in Year 2!! We cannot wait to continue to watch their journeys at Oakfield.


This week we are going to be focusing on starting that transition from Year 1 to Year 2; if your child is in school we will keep these and hand them to their next class teacher. If you are working at home, keep these pages safe and bring them in when we come back; or email them to us and we can pass them onto your new class teachers!

 Complete the pages below in any order you would like! Make is as fun and creative as you wish!

We hope you have a lovely week!!


Mrs Williams and Miss Wright

Year 1 Home Learning

Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July

This week in Literacy, we are moving onto a new story called 'Superworm!' This is one of our favourite stories so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! We will be completing a story map and then creating a wanted poster for the dastardly Wizard Lizard!!


In maths, we are moving onto a little bit of symmetry and recapping measure in particular ML - using the terms more, less, full and empty. 

In Mini mission we are doing a bit of art (with what we have learnt about symmetry) and also a practical lesson which should be fun and allow you to get creative! 

Not many paper based resources this week; but you may need to raid your cupboards for some equipment! We hope you have a brilliant week; remember to continue to email us! 

Maths Home Learning

 Butterfly pattern symmetry.pdfDownload
 Monday - All.docxDownload
 Ordering capacity potions - MA HA.docxDownload
 Superworm potion measuring - MA HA.docxDownload
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Literacy Home Learning

 wanter poster template ALL .docxDownload
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 butterfly painting sheet.pdfDownload
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Year 1 Home Learning

Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

We hope you had a brilliant week last week! We are missing having you all in school with us, but have loved receiving some emails!

This week in Literacy we are looking at the story called 'The cautious Caterpillar' It is all about how change can be worrying and make us feel a bit anxious BUT when it happens we handle it and actually realise it's not as bad as we thought it would be!

For mini mission, we are finishing our learning on minibeast - we are challenging the children to create 3 factfiles!

For maths this week we are looking at halving and 2D shapes! 

All of the planning is below and the resources that you will need are also there! Please do email us with any questions, we love hearing from you!!

Maths Home Learning

 BEE 2D Shape Cut and stick.docxDownload
 Colour the shapes butterfly.pdfDownload
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Literacy Home Learning

 HA Character description sheet.docxDownload
 LA Character description sheet.docxDownload
 LA key word sheet.docxDownload
 MA Character description sheet.docxDownload
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 hA setting description sheet (1).docxDownload
 LA setting description sheet (1).docxDownload
 MA setting description sheet.docxDownload
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Mini Mission Home Learning

 factfile HA sheet.docxDownload
 factfile LA sheet.docxDownload
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Year 1 Home Learning

Monday 22nd June - Friday 26th June 2020

We hope you enjoyed the learning activities last week! We are SO proud of how you are all doing. You will find below new 'learning task' grids for literacy, maths and mini mission with all the resources you need.

We are continuing with The very hungry caterpillar in Literacy, Minibeasts in Mini mission and we are still focusing on number for Maths! The weather is predicted to be beautiful and hot this week, so if it is safe to do so, why not do as much of you learning outside as possible!

Please do email us if you have any questions or queries! Even though we are in school we are still here to help you with the home learning too! We love receiving pictures of what you are doing. We look forward to hearing from you all!

Maths Home Learning

 Doubles to 20.docxDownload
 Number bonds to 10.docxDownload
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Literacy Home Learning

 Alliteration sheet Monday 22nd SEND LAdocx.docxDownload
 Alliteration sheet Monday 22nd.docxDownload
 paper for writing own version of story on.docxDownload
 Planning sheet Tue 23rd SEND - LA.docxDownload
 Planning sheet Tuesday 23rd June.docxDownload
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Minibeast Home Learning

 Butterfly Life Cycle.pptDownload
 Friday - Let's make a bug hotel.pptxDownload
 Friday - Minibeast hotel.docxDownload
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Year 1 Home learning

Monday 15th - Friday 19th June 2020

As some Year 1 children are returning to school this week; we have decided to make sure that the learning that is taking place in school is mirrored as much as possible in the home learning tasks set. Therefore, there will now be a 'learning task' grid set for Literacy, Maths and mini mission.

Our NEW mini mission is Mini Beasts! Our Literacy learning will all be based around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and our Maths will be number based for the first few weeks; with links to mini beasts too!

The learning grids will make reference to the worksheet/ task you need to complete. Please remember, you can adapt or change the tasks we set; we have put the learning objective (L.O) just so that you are aware of what we want the children to have learnt by the end of that task. 

We realise that everyone's circumstances and situation is different during this pandemic, therefore, the work set is planned to try and be as flexible as possible, please don't feel that you have to complete every task set; go with whatever interests your child!

We hope you have a great week at home and enjoy our new Mini Mission; remember any questions or if you just want to share the amazing things you get up to (we LOVE receiving these!); email us on our email address at the top of the page!


 Adding using pictures to 10.docxDownload
 Adding using pictures to 20.docxDownload
 Addition to 10.docxDownload
 Addition to 20 .docxDownload
 Counting in tens.docxDownload
 Counting teen numbers.docxDownload
 Counting tens and ones.docxDownload
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Literacy Home Learning

 HA writing sheet Thurs 18th June.docxDownload
 MA writing sheet Thurs 18th June.docxDownload
 SEND-LA writing sheet Thurs 18th June.docx.docxDownload
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Mini Beast Home Learning

 Label mini beast 17.6.20.docxDownload
 t-t-019-eyfs-minibeast-hunt-checklist- lower 16,6.20.pdfDownload
 T-T-10218-Minibeast-Hunt-and-Location-Recording-Sheet 16.6.20.pdfDownload
 T-T-26966-Minibeast-Themed-Mindfulness-Colouring-Sheets 19.6.20.pdfDownload
 t-t-982-parts-of-the-insect-activity- higher 17.6.20.pdfDownload
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Year One

Summer Term 2

Our next mini mission for the first part of summer 2 is...

The Three Little Pigs

We will be learning all about the story of The Three Little Pigs; it will involve learning about the different materials the pigs make their houses out of, investigating which is the best and which can withhold the most huffs and puffs.



The Three Little Pigs -  Literacy

Here are a range of Reading and Writing activities that you can do to support your child's Literacy learning about The Three Little Pigs. Attached below is a range of extra  resources that you can use to help with this at home. Feel free to print them if you are able to, copy straight into your exercise books or just discuss their answers with them.

 Capital Letters Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 igh Phoneme Spotter Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Key Words and Phrases Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 ai Sounds Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Sentence Building Cards.pdfDownload
 The Prefix un- Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 The Three Little Pigs Comprehension Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 The Three Little Pigs.exeDownload
 Three Little Pigs Word Mat.pdfDownload
 What Are They Thinking Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
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 Below is a couple of Maths packs to help consolidate any learning that we have done in Maths this year. There is also a 'Fractions' to start to think about halves and quarters of shapes and quantities. If you would like to introduce fractions in a more practical way (such as pizzas!) then we would love to see your pictures.

 Fractions Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Summer Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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Year One

Summer Term

(updated 11.05.2020)

Our next mini-mission for the second part of Summer 1 is.....


We will be learning all about different plants and trees and learning to identify and name the ones that we see in the wild and can be planted in our gardens.

Feel free to use the resources provided or anything else that you can find to help you online. You can choose from a range of Literacy and Science based tasks below to complete in your exercise books. 

Any photos or home learning that you complete and are happy to be put on the website, feel free to email it to Miss Wright or Mrs Williams - we would love to see what you've been up to!


 Book Review template.pdfDownload
 Teddy Bears Picnic Menu Template.pdfDownload
 Teddy Bears Picnic Rhyme Activity.pdfDownload
 Teddy Bears' Picnic.docDownload
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 #Lesson Presentation In the Garden.pptDownload
 #Lesson Presentation Terrific Trees.pptDownload
 #Lesson Presentation Wild Plants.pptDownload
 Science Plants Vocabulary - Y1.pdfDownload
 Wild Plant Hunt.pdfDownload
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Year One

Summer Term

(Updated 20.04.2020)

Hello everyone! We hope that you all managed to enjoy the sunshine over the Easter break and you and your families are keeping yourselves safe and well!

 Our new mini-mission for the first part of Summer 1 is.....


We will be learning all about using maps and following directions. We will also be having an introduction to using ‘algorithms’  in our everyday  world. Below is a new grid explaining some activities that you can do around this topic and some resources that you can either print or copy straight into your exercise books. 

There are also some daily lessons available across a range of subjects on:


 Ordering Instructions Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Program a Person Cards.docDownload
 Programming word mat.pdfDownload
 Using Symbols in Algorithms Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Where will Bee-Bot go today.pdfDownload
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Next up in Maths, we will be focusing on using numbers to 40. Here is a grid with ideas to support your child's Maths learning at home. This will be updated every 2 weeks! We have also included some links to some extra resources should you need them... 

 Home Learning Maths Pack.pdfDownload
 Practical Maths ideas.pdfDownload
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 A humungous hello to you all!

Updated 03.04.2020

We would like to say a enormous THANK YOU to all of you for your support, messages and understanding during this very difficult time. We miss your children's smiles, laughs, personalities so, so much and we think of them every single day. Whether you have been doing the home learning packs, whether you have been cooking, playing, sharing stories, giving extra cuddles, doing arts and crafts, smiling, laughing... we thank you for everything you are doing for your children to help them feel safe and loved in a world which we have never experienced before. As we are sure you are aware today would have been the last day before Easter Holidays; so we have a few jobs we'd like you to complete over the 2 week break.

1 - have fun

2 - stay safe

3 - be silly

4 - check in on those you care about; email, text, write a letter, Facebook

5 - hug, smile, laugh more than you ever normally would; in a world where everything is different home can be the safe, happy and constant place which is filled with lovely memories 

6 - most importantly, stuff your faces full of delicious chocolate!!!

We miss your children SO SO much, from the bottom of our hearts we cannot wait to see and speak to you all again!! We will be back in touch properly after the Easter holidays; but if we spot any awesome activities we will post them on here for you all to see.

Stay safe and look out for each other,

Lots of love

Miss Wright and Mrs Williams 




Welcome to Year One home learning page.

Through this page we hope to keep you updated with relevant links to websites/ games/ online resources to support you in helping your children while at home. We will also try and model maths, phonics and writing to help as much as we can via the website. 

Remember; learning can take place in many forms - playing games, role play, singing, dancing, play doh, painting, sharing a story with your child, going on a shape hunt around the home, baking, go for walks so long as you're not in isolation (being cautious of social distancing) and many more opportunities - feel free to take photos to show us when we return; and don't feel restricted by the work that we have sent home.

Most importantly we hope that all of you and your children are well and safe and that they enjoy their time learning with you at home; we will miss you all SO SO much while you are not in school and cannot wait to see you all again!

Below is some helpful information about what year one 'looks like' and some useful website/ video links to support their learning. We will endeavour to update this page daily with helpful tips or new links as we find them! 

As always - we thank you for your continued support! 

 Free Twinkl Resources


Twinkl have kindly provided access to their resources for teachers and parents around the world during the current circumstances. There are thousands of helpful resources which you can access and download completely free, such as;

Phonics sheets, learning games, Worksheets for math, literacy, spelling  common exception words etc. You can create your own login by using your personal e-mail address and the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS, visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer to sign up.

Physical Education

Joe Wicks is doing daily PE sessions at 9am via youtube - these look great for all the family to join in with and a fab energetic way to begin the day! Mrs Williams will definitely be joining in with her two little monsters at home!!


Follow the link to his website where at the bottom there is a link to his youtube page - you may need to subscribe to access the videos.


At school we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme of learning from Ruth Miskin - RWI are doing daily phonics lessons Via youtube and facebook

RWI Phonics lessons at home from Monday 23rd March on Facebook and YouTube:
Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm
Note: films won’t be available at other times


Phonics play is also another great online resource for your children to learn and recap their phonics knowledge. They are offering a free login at the moment during the school closures.



Let your children explore with their writing - we'd love to have some of the tasks completed about 'Peculiar Pets' but if your child would like to keep a diary of what they do each day while they are off school then that is great too! They might want to write their own story linked to The Great Fire of London... let their imaginations run wild!! The most important thing is that they do SOME writing in some form.

Key things they should/ could include in their writing:

  • Capital letters at the starts of sentences and for Proper nouns (Names)
  • Full stops at the end of sentences.
  • Adjectives to describe: 
    • red ball 
    • delicious, hot dinner 
  • Spell some words phonetically; but using the correct 'special friends' for some well known words (See the phonics (RWI) sheet in your pack that was sent home: 
    • Wons upon a tighm thair was a cheetu hoo mayd a cayk.
    • (Once upon a time there was a cheeter who made a cake.)
    • Some children will know which is the correct 'special friends' to use in a word - other children may not - this is absolutely fine!
  • Some children may be able to extend their sentences using 'and', 'but', 'because'
    • The Great Fire of London spread quickly because the wind was really strong on September 2nd 1666.
    • Some animals have 4 legs but others only have 2 legs.

For reading - use the oxford owl login that was in your packs; share stories with your children, lots of people are doing a 'share a story; via youtube - your children could write a story and share it with you or siblings. For us as teachers; children knowing their 'special friends' and all the phonics sounds is what is key for year 1. If you want to challenge your children - read a story and then ask some questions about what they have read:

retrieval - where they can FIND the answer in the book; Who dropped the eggs? Who said _______?

inference - where they have to THINK and use their initiative to answer; How do you think ____ is feeling? How do you know? What tells us that....


We have sent home a maths booklet - feel free to work your way through this - but maths can be done really practically at home too. If would be good if children could be introduced to the terms 'tens' and 'ones' understanding that for numbers more than 10, there are tens and ones which make us a 2 digit numbers.

  • Lets take the number 26
    • There are 2 tens (20) - reinforce counting in tens.
    • There are 6 ones.
    • So 20 and 6 make 26.

Topmarks website is a key source of games which can be linked to any level of ability.


Tuesday 24th March

Home Learning Packs and resources

Below are some additional resource which you may find useful; you can use them as discussion point with your children, please don't feel the need to print them off! Some of these are in your learning packs too! If you have a printer print whatever you would like your child to complete; don't panic if you don't though as your packs will suffice.






Year 1 Science Learning from Home (Everyday Materials) Activity Booklet.pdf

Year 1 One More and One Less Maths Mastery Game.pdf

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game Board Game.pdf

Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames.pdf

2D Shape Chick Cutting Skills Worksheets.pdf

Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet Answers.pdf

Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet.pdf

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat .pdf


Image result for home learning practical activities year 1

The weather is beautiful today! If you can get outside for a bit of exercise please do; go on a shape hunt, how many leaves can you count on a plant? How many laps of your garden can you do in a minute? Whatever you do; stay safe.

Wednesday 25th March

Another day where lovely sunny weather is predicted! But wrap up warm as it is still a bit chilly...

How about having a go at creating some artwork using natural material. You could create pictures of people, animals, flowers trees or even write messages! When you go for a walk, take a bag with you and collect sticks, leaves, seeds etc (But please don't break branches or leaves off any plants or trees - they need them!)

If you have a front garden you could create art for people to look at and enjoy as they walk past - No garden? No problem - create your artwork on a piece of paper or an opened out cardboard box. We can wait to see what you create!

Image result for garden art for kidsImage result for thigns made with leaves and brances by kids

If you fancy staying indoors why not experiment with some lego stamping art - you could create pictures of things you love or have a go at making repeating patterns using shape and colour!

Image result for lego stamping art

Friday 27th March

Week 2 - Beginning 30/3/2020

Ease yourselves into a new week (it's hard for our children too, not just us); why not do something creative? Please don't feel pressured to 'force' your child to complete all the work we sent home, use this time to teach your child life skills instead; cooking, building a den, crafts... below are some suggestions which might help you decide... remember talking with your child, being there for them can be just as educational as 'school work' 


Image may contain: ‎possible text that says '‎σעൾ DAY ৪ Make A Den കൽ Building dens are very important for children and will help with their learning, creative thinking, sustained and shared thinking. It will also help them understand plan, evaluate and investigate. Also, just plain old fashioned fun! What do:Grab chairs, pillows, old or what about a clothes horse? Anything goes! If are adventurous head outside and grab some big sticks and make a tee- pee tent with an old sheet or big leaves. www.jigsawearlyarsonsultacy.com‎'‎No photo description available.

Image may contain: textImage may contain: text