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Year 2 

Teaching Team


Class Teacher - Miss Abel

Class Teacher - Miss Gardner 


LSA - Mrs Holloway 

Homework and PE Days 

Homework given out every Tuesday and collected the following Tuesday.

Children should be reading at least 3 times a week and writing in their reading record. 

PE is on a Monday - children may come to school in their PE Kit (white T-shirt, black shorts and black pumps) 

Year 2 Curriculum


There's no place like home

Homes in the past and present and the Great Fire of London - London Today

This term has been kicked off with some fantastic learning from all of our children! We are learning about place value in maths and use the base ten equipment in each lesson to help consolidate the learning of tens and ones.We have moved onto addition and subtraction too and are doing fantastically at completing all the different methods to solve the calculations! In focussed reading, we have explored the book 'The Mice Who Lived in a Shoe'. The children can retell this story brilliantly and love using their squeaky mice voices when reading it aloud! In English, we are building up to write a descriptive text based on the Great Fire of  London. We have gathered vocabulary using our senses but also learnt some grammar skills on adjectives, nouns and verbs. The next piece of writing we have done in English is writing a diary entry from the perspective of Samuel Pepys. We have used exclamations in our diaries to add a dramatic effect and the children have worked incredibly hard to write them independently and use their phonics to sound out words for their sentences. In theme, we begun the topic with history and have explored sources of information, what a timeline is and why the fire began. Year 2 are fantastic at recalling facts about the fire! We are currently completing geography learning about our locality and are going on a walk around our local area to survey the types of houses we have. After that we are going to explore London and see how the town and city are different from each other. In science, we are learning about materials and whether they are human-made or natural. The children loved a lesson where they explored whether different materials are malleable - whether they can be squashed, twisted, stretched or bent. In autumn term 2, we are learning all about senses and how our body works. 


Great Fire Of London re-enactment!

In design and technology, we built replicas of Tudor houses with thatched roofs, wooden beams and white cardboard for the wood. Our project brief was to build a house that would show what the houses were like in 1666, in order to improve architecture today. Afterwards, we set fire to the houses!!! We watched the houses burn to learn how fire spreads. We also saw that with a fire break, the fire cannot spread and that is how it was stopped in 1666. The children were enthralled with the fire and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching the houses burn, whilst learning about how fire spreads and fire safety.

Below is the overview of our curriculum for the Autumn Term. Why not as your child the questions in red and see what answers they give you!