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School Council

The campaign trail is over and voting will be taking place tomorrow with the results being announced in this week's celebration assembly.


Good luck to all candidates.

After a busy day of voting and counting ballots, congratulations to our new School Council members:

Deers: Beatrix

Dragonflies: David


Giraffes: Gizella *photo to be added as she was away for the first meeting.

Sharks: Czaras

Dolphins: Zack

Turtles: Yotam

Stingrays: Harmony

Lobsters: Rocco

Penguins: Milena

Starfish: Layla

Polar Bears: Alex M.

Meeting Number One

After a quick round of introductions, it was down to business. During this meeting student council members discussed ideas which they would like to implement across the school. After sharing ideas, members voted for their favourite (raising money for additional playground equipment). At their next meeting, Student Council will discuss their strategies for raising this money.