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Home School Learning


Hello everyone,

We are really missing you all and hope that all of our Oakfield families are safe and well.

As you are aware, children were sent home with learning packs and teachers are also uploading tasks to the class pages of the website as appropriate. As mum to a 15, 13 and 10 year old, I have experienced the challenges (that's the polite word) of home learning. Please remember that when we teach your children in school we have qualified teachers and LSAs, a classroom and all of the appropriate resources. We aren't trying to send emails, take phone calls, have zoom meetings, make snacks (I don't know about yours, but my kids are constantly eating), keep an eye on a mischievous toddler, change a nappy, cook, clean, iron..........the list is endless. None of us chose to take our children out of school to be home educated. As parents, we are doing the best we can in unprecedented circumstances.

Of course we want (and need) the children to be doing some learning at home and some lovely tasks have been set, but don't feel that you have to complete every single one of them, especially if it is something your child is really struggling with.

My own daughter who is in year 5 hasn't completed every single one of the tasks set, but I have made sure she has completed some work every week day (maths, reading/writing and something creative). In addition to this she has been in the garden, painted a rainbow, face-timed her friends and played on her x box.

What is most important at the moment is that our children are loved and made to feel secure. So if you've been stressing and beating yourself up about whether your child has done enough, please stop.

Jo Collinson xx


Due to the Department for Education's decision to close schools across the country after Friday 20th March, please click on the tabs to the side of this page to see the following class and additional learning sections which can be used to support your child's learning at home.

Class sections will contain a range of useful website links as well as learning tasks which will be updated on a daily basis to further support your child's learning.

Additional information can also be found via. the school's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oakfield.reach2/

If you require any further information please do note hesitate to contact the school via. admin2419@welearn365.com.

Please note that as the school site is only open to a restricted number of children and staff, we will not be able to answer calls to the school's main office number.

We thank you for your understanding.