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We are proud of ourselves. We are proud of each other. We are proud of our community. 


At OPA we teach Reading as whole class. 

Whole class reading as opposed to guided reading lifts the ‘ceiling’ on those children who cannot as yet access age related texts. Teaching the whole class instead means that all pupils can read with the teacher more often, moving faster through more or longer texts and benefitting from the teacher’s expert explanations, modelling, questions and feedback.


Reading lessons give opportunities for reading – for children to practise their reading fluency.


Week One 

The first week of the two weak Focussed Reading cycle will focus solely on building our children’s stamina for reading, their ability to read longer more complex extracts and modelling and explicitly teaching reading skills. The children will use a range of extracts in this week.


The focus The focus will be on our children as readers, giving them the experience of reading longer extracts and on how expression, intonation, and reading to the punctuation can explicitly aid their own ability to read fluently.

Week Two 

The second week of the two week Focussed Reading cycle will focus on answering questions on the text studied in detail in the first week of the cycle. The focus will be on how to answer questions as a reader, to show comprehension and articulate their understanding of the text.


To plan the focussed questions that the children explore and examine in the second week of the two week Focussed Reading cycle, teachers use the KS1 and 2 Content Domains: 


KS1 Content Domains

1a draw on knowledge of vocabulary to understand texts

1b identify / explain key aspects of fiction and non-fiction texts, such as characters, events, titles and information

1c identify and explain the sequence of events in texts

1d make inferences from the text

1e predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far


KS2 Content Domains

2a give / explain the meaning of words in context

2b retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction

2c summarise main ideas from more than one paragraph

2d make inferences from the text / explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text

2e predict what might happen from details stated and implied

2f identify / explain how information / narrative content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole

2g identify / explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and phrases

2h make comparisons within the text


Teacher's will choose age appropriate extracts / texts which are sufficiently challenging for children to explore in depth and discuss together - these will often link to the Themed topics being studied that term.