Oakfield Primary Academy

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  Key staff with responsibility for pupils with SEND:

Mrs Tania Hales-Richardson:  SENDCo

Mrs L Adams: Headteacher

Mrs S Nealon: Deputy Headteacher 

Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities are supported by every means possible at Oakfield Primary Academy. Lessons are fully differentiated and ensure that all pupils can access a full range of learning opportunities. Oakfield’s environments are communication friendly, ensuring that all pupils are included.   

The SENDCo alongside the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) monitor pupil progress using the data collected half termly. Pupils who are not making sufficient progress are identified and attend bespoke intervention groups. Teaching and learning is also monitored to ensure all pupils are accessing Quality First Teaching. After this, if pupils are still not making enough progress, then staff continue to follow the graduated approach to SEND


Pupils are monitored closely by all staff including Mrs Williams (SENDCo) and, if pupils continue to make limited progress an Individual Education Plan is produced, this details their targets and the support provided to meet their individual needs.  


Mrs Williams supports class teachers and practitioners with the accurate identification of pupils with additional needs and maintains a regularly updated provision map of support.  The SLT ensure all statutory requirements are met and pupils, parents and carers are provided with transparent and coherent information about their child's needs and progress. Full advantage is taken of support from external agencies and providers; capacity is also built within Oakfield’s own workforce through targeted CPD and training.  


Learning Support Assistants will be deployed according to their skills and qualifications and the impact of all waves of intervention will be carefully monitored by the SLT.  


Interventions, including small group work and 1:1 tuition, will focus on:  


  • Phonics and reading  
  • Basic skills (writing and mathematics)  
  • Communication and language   
  • Sensory processing  
  • Social interaction 

Oakfield Primary Academy’s aim is to ensure that all its pupils achieve their full potential, according to their needs.   
Click the links below to read our SEND policy, SEN Information Report (Local Offer) and Accessibility Plan:  

 Click here for the SEND policy.

Click here for the SEND Local Offer. 

Click here for the Accessibility Plan.  

To discuss any matters relating to SEND, please contact the school office to make an appointment on  01788 565021 or email Tania: tania.hales-richardson@oakfieldprimaryacademy.co.uk


SEND Governor: Chair of Governors (Ms Christine Doxford: christinedox@yahoo.com)

Warwickshire SEND Local Offer: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/send

Warwickshire SEND Information, Advice and Support Service: https://www.family-action.org.uk/what-we-do/children-families/sendias/warwickshire-parent-partnership-service/ 


SEND Admissions

The school’s admissions policy is in line with that of Warwickshire Local Authority. Priority is given to children who live near the school and have siblings already attending for entry to Reception. Children with SEND but without an Educational Health Care Plan are treated as fairly as all other applicants and are assessed on admission. The school also uses information available from the child’s previous school in the assessment process.