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Year Six

Hello Year 6! 

We hope you are safe and well at home. Although we miss having you in school already and miss teaching you very much, it is important every stays at home as much as they can and support one another through these very unusual times. 

This will be your page to visit for updates, activities, websites to help etc. It will be updated regularly so keep an eye out for what is new. 

Now we know that it is disappointing that your SATs have been cancelled as you all worked super hard for them all year, but you have learnt so many skills along the way that none of it will ever go to waste. The SATs just produce a number from a test - we as your class teachers know what each one of you is capable of and all that invaluable information will be shared with high schools when you move up so all the work you have done, and will continue to do so, is purposeful. So keep working hard on the home learning packs you have as all the work in there is preparing you for high school and Year 7 learning. 

Throughout our time in Year 6, you all developed in confidence, developed perseverance, resilience, independent learning skills...the list goes on! It is now more important than ever that you use these skills whilst at home to pull together as a family and support one another through what has never been done before. 

A daily routine is really important as it helps bring structure to your day. Here is an example plan you might like to follow that is closely linked to our normal school day. If you are finding it harder to concentrate at home, then cut the times down a little and do half an hour of work at a time, followed by a break, and then come back to it. Find out what works for you and do what you find manageable. 

Easter Pack!

I have put together a load of activities that you might like to have a go at over Easter. They are meant to be fun, creative, offer some mindfulness, a little bit mathsy but just something to do to keep you entertained over the next two weeks whilst we all continue to stay at home. I hope you have a lovely two weeks off. Why not keep a diary over the next couple of weeks to document what you do? This will be an Easter like no other and there will never be one like this again. It might be a nice idea to make your own record of history. 

Here are a list of websites that will help during your time at home and assist with your home learning. Every website is free to use too. 

New website alert!!! Maths and Literacy support!

Carol Vordermon has just announced that her website 'The Maths Factor' will be completely free during this time at home. It has lots of free videos to teach your child mathematical concepts and provides activities/games for them to get involved in. You can access the website here: https://www.themathsfactor.com/

Keep an eye on her youtube channel too as she is making video's for adults to increase their confidence with maths too. 

For literacy, Jane Considine is running daily writing instruction videos and setting tasks. These are suitable for all ages and free to join in with. 

All you have to do is:

Visit the YouTube account every morning at 9:45am GMT ready for her first live broadcast where she announces the focus of the day.
Return for her second livestream at 10:30am where she will do a short teaching session and issue the task.
Carry out the task as instructed by Jane.
Share the work on social media using the hashtag #SuperSentenceStacker.
Jane will them review the submissions and put them together to make the full story and she reads it out as a class reading session at 3:30pm.

Subscribe to her youtube account here: 



As well as education and school work, it is also important you have downtime and enjoy some activities that encourage you to use your creative skills. Try some of these activities to keep yourself active indoors: 

Brilliant maths website free for parents! 

Third Space Maths Learning have just announced that they are opening a maths hub for parents to access from home, to support their children with home learning. It is a website we use a lot in school as it contains brilliant maths resources that are pitched at a perfect level for year 6, offering a level of challenge where appropriate. They have released this document below with instructions on how to set up a free account. 


Also, they have released this today (03-04-2020) which details 25 fun maths games you can play from home. https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/fun-maths-games-activities-for-kids/?utm_campaign=02_04_2020_25_Games_Activities_Blog&utm_source=pardot&utm_medium=email&utm_content=button 

Here are a list of science activities you can do at home! They are fun, creative and require minimal resources. All of these ideas I have taken from the Usborne 365 Science activities book. Have fun experimenting! Remember to take photos of any science experiments you do and stick them into your yellow homework book if you can - or write a scientific explanation about what you did. 

Science resources from Whizz Pop Bang.

Whizz Pop Bang is a company who works within schools offering science clubs and amazing demonstrations. They have a magazine for children too. To help with home learning, they have issues these free resources that might be useful to all you budding scientists at home. 

Showing 1-3 of 3

This is the mini-mission home learning pack based on Evolution - it is a science themed topic. 

Here are two more maths packs for you to have a go at. They contain arithmetic questions and then some reasoning questions. The second pack is a harder maths pack - three word problems followed by some harder puzzles. 


Ultimate times table test pack for Year 6, courtesy of Third Space Maths Learning. The answers are included at the end so be sure to hide these whilst completing the tests. 


Before we left last Friday, Mrs Mogul and I took home LOADS of books that we would like to read whilst we are working from home (like you). I am currently reading a book by Jessie Burton that I cannot put down! But from our class library, between myself and Mrs Mogul, we took home to read: 


Orange in No Man's Land



The Girl of Ink and Stars 


The Machine Gunners 


Mrs Mogul had started quite a few of these in guided reading but hadn't finished them yet so really wanted to get reading and find out what happens in the end!

Reading is a great way of escaping and also developing your imagination and language. It is perfect for reducing screen time from app's and devices so please make sure you are reading as part of your home learning. I am happy for you to read whatever you like! I would love it if you could all come back to school and tell us what you'd been reading whilst you were off so we can update our reading wishlists! Remember to keep a log of what you're reading and when. 

Here are some more recommended reads for you that lots of other Year 6 teachers have used with their classes and loved: 

Goodnight Mr Tom 

The other side of truth 


Boy in the Tower

Can you see me? 



Letters from the lighthouse 


These are all books I have heard wonderful things about (especially Wonder) but haven't had chance to read yet. Can you read any and write me a book review for when we come back to work? Or read your own book at home and write a review on it. I am always looking for new suggestions. 

Check out a full list of 100 recommended reads here: 


I have also attached a book review form for you to use. Either download it as many times as you like, or write as many reviews as you can in your yellow homework book. I know some of you love to scrapbook and write in notebooks too. You could start a book review notebook and make it as beautiful as you like. 

Alternative ideas....

Why not watch an educational documentary on Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc, and write a review about it. 

Here are some suggestions of what to watch: 

Horrible Histories

Blue Planet

Planet Earth 

Frozen Planet (anything David Attenborough is amazing!) 

Steve Backshall's programs


Inside the factory - one for those of you who enjoy engineering and understanding how things are made. 

Have a search on your TV or streaming service and see what educational programs you can find. Sit down and enjoy learning about something different. Then afterwards, think about what you learnt, what you enjoyed about it, what questions you have, what further research you could do etc. You could make a PPT about the documentary, write a review in your yellow homework book, type it up on the computer/ipad....anything that gets you writing! Have fun! 

For those who enjoyed our Egyptian topic...

During the Autumn term, we completed a mini-mission called Tomb Raiders, and we focused on Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's long lost tomb. We had some amazing work produced around this topic and it really sparked an interest in history in so many of our pupils. Last night, I found this programme on Channel 4: Secret's of Egypt's Valley of the Kings and it fascinated me! I thought I would share this with you all in case you want to take some time during your home learning to watch some of the documentary series and learn more about the Valley of the Kings. You could complete your own research project on it if you like and create a PPT, a poster, an information text, drawing and sketches, models etc, anything you like that you have been inspired to create from this series. Here is the link: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/secrets-of-egypts-valley-of-the-kings I hope you enjoy watching it and learning more about Egyptology and archaeology as much as I did. 



Now Miss Abel's love of SPAG is evident to her Starfish class! They have fully jumped on board with SPAG lessons this year and now the majority (if not all I hope) share her love of this subject :-) I saw this last night (a resource published by Vocabulary Ninja) and I thoroughly enjoyed having a go at completing it. Each emoji sentence represents a English/grammar/SPAG term ..... how many can you identify? Record your ideas in your yellow homework book ready to show me. Who will beat my score?! 

Something fun..

Here are a pack of brain teasers for you to try. Spot the differences, Where's Wally, riddles, optical illusions....lots to keep you entertained whilst at home! 


 (from Miss Mistry and Mrs Randall).

As you all know, I love teaching Art and with Easter approaching, I thought it would be a great opportunity for all you lovely lot to get yourselves involved too. 

Also - as Polar Bears are very aware - I do LOVE  competition so I have merged these two factors together to create an Easter Egg designing competition for Year 6.

The task is simple, easy and allows you to be as creative as you wish.

Using a blank template (attached below), you are to design your own Easter eggs. My top three designs will win a special chocolate treat of their choice. I have also attached some ideas of what you could produce. You have all been such wonderful artists this year so don't forget all the lovely skills you have learnt (collage, sketching, blending, shading, painting...etc). 

You may choose to take photographs of your designs and email them to the school website or wait until we are back in school so I can judge these before awarding delicious goodies to the lucky winners!

I also would like this opportunity to tell you all how much Mrs Randall and I miss you so very much - we hope you are keeping safe and being amazing for your adults at home. Remember - eat lots of Easter eggs, watch lots of films and enjoy a two week break for Easter. 

Cannot wait to see what amazing designs you create at home!!

Keep working hard and supporting each other. We will be thinking about you. 

Miss Abel, Mrs Mogul, Mrs Randall and Miss Mistry.