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If you would like to contact Miss Abel or Miss Mistry, please send an email to Abel.L1@welearn365.com or Mistry.P1@welearn365.com
We ask that you only use this channel if Miss Abel or Miss Mistry are your child's class teacher and to: share learning; allow contact between your child and their teacher or to ask for advice and guidance about any learning tasks set.
We ask that is you have any additional queries or concerns that you continue to raise these via. our admin2419@welearn365.com email address or for any safeguarding concerns, you follow guidance in our COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Update which can be found in the safeguarding tab on the Home Learning section of our school website.
We look forward to seeing and sharing all the wonderful work which you have been creating and remember that you are all doing an amazing job!

Year 6 Starfish present......The Oakfield Awards!

Mrs Mogul worked with the Starfish pod children on Monday afternoon to create this video for their peers. The children chose who won the awards themselves and presented the award ceremony beautifully and with great charisma! Thank you to Mrs Mogul for your hard work creating this video with the children (and throughout the year too); to Miss Hill for teaching the pod whilst I have been unable to come in; and to Mr Cole for putting the video together with your amazing ICT skills. Starfish have been a brilliant class to teach this year and along with all the Year 6's, will be dearly missed. Just watching this video brings a huge smile to my face! We hope you enjoy it as much as the children enjoyed making it. Miss Abel x

Summer home learning

I have made a maths, SPAG, Literacy and Topic project for you to have a go at over the summer holidays. This will keep you busy but also recap all the vital skills you need for high school. If you've got a few days where you have nothing to do (after you have relaxed, slept, and enjoyed some well-deserved downtime), then have a go at some of this work to keep you ticking over ready for Year 7. 

Have a WONDERFUL summer holiday. Each one of you have been utterly gorgeous to teach and I can safely say, you have been a brilliant Year 6 cohort. You are all so special and watching you grow as individuals over the year has been a privilege. I am very proud of everything you have all accomplished this year and the resilience you have shown. Although we aren't ending your Year 6 and Primary School years the way we could have liked, I hope you can look back at your time at Oakfield with happy memories and are proud of what you've achieved through the years. 

We will always be here for you so you are more than welcome to come back and visit us and let us know how you are getting on. Good luck in high school and always try your best! 

 maths investigations.pdfDownload
 research project.pdfDownload
 Summer Home School Learning.pdfDownload
 summer project - anywhere island.pdfDownload
 summer reading challenges.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Summer Activity SPAG Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Summer Themed Maths Booklet - Questions.pdfDownload
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Home Learning extraordinaires!!!

Take a look at some of the amazing work you have been completing during your time learning from home. 

First up, check out what Jasmine from Starfish class sent in - she is an engineer in the making!!! 

The second photo is also from Jasmine who recreated a famous painting by Frida Kahlo. This was the art project I set for you all this term. I think you'll agree Jasmine has done a brilliant job remaking it!

If you have completed some home learning that you are proud of, send me a photo of it in an email and I will pop it up onto our gallery to celebrate your successes! 

Check out this amazing piece of home learning from Zion! 

Zion is learning to speak Japanese and has a real interest in learning more about Japan and visiting when she is older. This brochure she has made about the country is brilliant! I am very keen to learn more about the 'dire consequences' if you are rude whilst eating! But visiting Japan Disney sounds like it would be the most fun!! Amazing work Zion! 

Year Six

Hello Year 6! 

We hope you are safe and well at home. Although we miss having you in school already and miss teaching you very much, it is important every stays at home as much as they can and support one another through these very unusual times. 

This will be your page to visit for updates, activities, websites to help etc. It will be updated regularly so keep an eye out for what is new. 

Now we know that it is disappointing that your SATs have been cancelled as you all worked super hard for them all year, but you have learnt so many skills along the way that none of it will ever go to waste. The SATs just produce a number from a test - we as your class teachers know what each one of you is capable of and all that invaluable information will be shared with high schools when you move up so all the work you have done, and will continue to do so, is purposeful. So keep working hard on the home learning packs you have as all the work in there is preparing you for high school and Year 7 learning. 

Throughout our time in Year 6, you all developed in confidence, developed perseverance, resilience, independent learning skills...the list goes on! It is now more important than ever that you use these skills whilst at home to pull together as a family and support one another through what has never been done before. 

A daily routine is really important as it helps bring structure to your day. Here is an example plan you might like to follow that is closely linked to our normal school day. If you are finding it harder to concentrate at home, then cut the times down a little and do half an hour of work at a time, followed by a break, and then come back to it. Find out what works for you and do what you find manageable. 

Summer 2

Each week, I will upload your weeks home learning planner below. Please download this each week and complete the tasks set. 

Yearbook for Starfish and Polar Bears!! 

I have been looking at how to create a special end of year memory for you all as leaving Year 6 is a big moment in your lives and deserves to be celebrated! Mr Hickling made a year book template many years ago and it looks fantastic - so we are going to give that a go! If you and your parents (please ask them!!) are happy for your name (first names only) and photos to be shared with your peers and want to participate in the year book, please fill out this sheet below and email it back to me. The children in school are going to have a go at this too with Mrs Mogul. Please can you email me these back by Friday 3rd July so I can get the book organised and ready to go. 

I have uploaded the page you need to fill out in three formats. You can edit the publisher and word document on a computer. The PDF document you cannot edit but you can write ontop of it on an ipad and then I can type it up on my computer, or you can look at it to see what you need to write, write it on a piece of paper and send me a photo of that so I can type it up for you. 

Please do not put any photos on as we are going to use ones in school instead. 

Any questions, give me an email and I will help as best as I can. Yearbooks on sale until April 1st – Bannon Creek School

 Individual Page Yearbook.docxDownload
 Individual Page.pdfDownload
 Individual Page.pubDownload
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Summer 2

Welcome to your last term as Year 6 students!!! This is always my favourite term in Year 6 as we would be getting ready for high school, doing lots of PE outside and just reminiscing on our time at Oakfield. I understand this year is unusual for you all and you can bet any money that I would love for it to be back to normal, to have you all in school with me. But unfortunately this year is different. I am staying at home this term to keep my Baby Starfish safe!! Some of you are returning to school and some of you are staying at home. Whatever you are doing, make sure you are staying safe and healthy. 

If you are remaining at home for your learning, please use the resources on here. 

 If you have any particular requests of what you would like, feel free to email me and let me know. 

 For any questions or help regarding this home learning, please email me (Miss Abel) on abel.l1@welearn365.com

A message from Miss Mistry

 Hello my lovelies,

i just wanted to add a short message to let you know that both Mrs Randall and I are missing all of you who are still working from home but hope you are healthy and safe. Although I am working at school with lots of your peers, I am still only an email away (mistry.p1@welearn365.com) and would love to hear from you. It’s lovely having some of you back in class; but I truly miss having all 30 of you altogether. You have bought me so much happiness and laughter over the past two years and it’s the weirdest feeling being in school with an incomplete class. 

Don’t stop working hard, continue to be the most amazing, motivated and hard working class I have taught and continue to keep making yourselves proud during this time.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any point; it may even be a great way to send a message to your friends too. Sending you all lots of love and hoping we can all reunite very soon. 

Miss Mistry x



Literacy - Alma: A short narrative using suspense

Kensuke's Kingdom - Year 6 to Year 7 Literacy Transition Project. I have attached a PDF copy of the book for you all so you can read this now. You need to read one chapter at a time and work your way through the worksheets. One lot of worksheets focus on vocabulary. It gives you a word: you need to define it (use a dictionary) and then use it (draw it, write it in a sentence etc). The second lot of worksheets are your tasks for each chapter. They have a reading and writing focus. This is similar to a book study you will do in Year 7 so it is good practice for you. Lastly, there is a book review sheet to complete and a project for you to do too. 


 ALMA narrative writing.pdfDownload
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 letter structure.docxDownload
 letters to Year 5.pptxDownload
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 KENSUKE's KINGDOM activity sheets.pdfDownload
 KENSUKE's Kingdom vocabulary.pdfDownload
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 KENSUKE's KINGDOM activity sheets.docDownload
 KENSUKE's Kingdom vocabulary.docxDownload
 My Book Review Frame KS2.docxDownload
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Guided Reading - First, we are going to begin with some work on Martin Luther King. After the terrible act of racism and violence against George Floyd in America, it is important we talk to our children about racism. We want our children to grow up in a world that is equal, tolerant, respectful and fair to everyone. Talk to your children about what happened and answer their questions. Educate them on topical affairs. Take a look at this newsround clip to help start a conversation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52813673 

Download the PPT and PDF which has some work based around MLK's speech. 

Further reading: Research into the apartheid and black history. Create a biography on Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks; or anyone else your child feels is inspirational. Lots of companies and artists have participated in #blackouttuesday. Take a look at this hashtag on social media as a family (just make sure children are accessing age-appropriate content). Why not create some art work based on this?

 Pin on African American ArtPin on BLACK LIVES MATTER (I STAND FIRM DON'T CORRECT ME)Fist Of Love Black Clip Arts - Black Lives Matter Fist Drawing, HD ...

Sky chasers by Emma Carroll - I have uploaded 6 weeks worth of guided reading onto here for you, based on a new book I am reading called Sky chasers that I think you will love. Each chapter comes with a range of questions to answer and activities to complete in your yellow homework book. If you are enjoying the novel and want to skip ahead, feel free to get the a copy of the book or download onto a kindle. I will up-load more as the term goes on. 

Sky Chasers (Paperback)

 Black History Day 2 Text.pdfDownload
 MLK Speech GR.pptxDownload
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 Sky chasers chpt 1.pdfDownload
 Sky chasers chpt 2.pdfDownload
 Sky chasers chpt 3.pdfDownload
 Sky chasers chpt 4.pdfDownload
 Sky chasers chpt 5.pdfDownload
 Sky chasers chpt 6.pdfDownload
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SPAG - There are two challenges on here to begin the term with. We covered the SPAG curriculum in school as we teach it ready for your SATs, so to get ready for high school, it is important that you revise everything you have learnt. One of the PDfs are SPAG mats to have a go at. You are familiar with these as we use them in school as morning starters. The next lot of PDFs are text messages that need correcting. They have been written using non-standard English and it is your job to put them right! 

 spag mats.pdfDownload
 spag text messages to correct 2.pdfDownload
 spag text messages to correct 3.pdfDownload
 spag text messages to correct 4.pdfDownload
 spag text messages to correct.pdfDownload
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Maths - This is your transition work from Year 6 to Year 7. The first file list are 10 different pdf's that covers each objective. Each document has resources for you to support your learning e.g. videos to watch and an explanation, then 5 mini activities to do across a few days (Monday is the easiest level and it works up to Friday that is the hardest level), then an extension task.

The second file list are extra challenges and tasks to go with the objectives. 

 area and perimeter of compound shapes.pdfDownload
 drawing 3d shapes.pdfDownload
 mean median mode range.pdfDownload
 read and write algebra.pdfDownload
 rounding using significant figures.pdfDownload
 scatter graphs and correlation.pdfDownload
 simplifying expressions.pdfDownload
 solving equations.pdfDownload
 substituting into formula.pdfDownload
 surface area and volume.pdfDownload
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 20) Scatter Graphs.docDownload
 algebra equations-pdf.pdfDownload
 algebra substitution-pdf.pdfDownload
 basic algebra worksheet.docxDownload
 Scatter graphs.pptxDownload
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Design and Technology

This is a project to build a bridge! You will need some straws and sellotape, plus a weight like a bag of sugar. Take a look at the PPT I have made and this will talk you through the design process. The word document contains the worksheets that you need to fill out. Take photos too of what you do create as I would love to see them. 

You could always write up the method in your homework book if you can't edit the word document. If you are struggling for equipment, why not just use what you have around your home. Some recycling cardboard boxes and plastic bottles would work too. Be resourceful! 

 Bridges! my PPT.pptxDownload
 types of bridges.pptDownload
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Art - A fun and creative are task to recreate some famous paintings using household items! Email me your creations or post them to the school's facebook page. 

 art task.pdfDownload
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Science mini-mission - This is covering our Electricity topic. It is hard to do at home because we don't expect you to have all the resources so just have a go with what you can. 

 History of Electricity Comprehension Sheet Questions.pdfDownload
 History of Electricity Comprehension Sheet.pdfDownload
 lesson 1 ppt quiz.pptDownload
 lesson 2 ppt circuits and symbols.pptDownload
 lesson 2 science worksheet.pdfDownload
 lesson 3 ppt volts.pptDownload
 Summer 2 Science mini-mission.pdfDownload
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Transition work 

Pixl work - Bilton High School have been kind enough to share a transition project for all Year 6 students to access this term which will help prepare them for their move to secondary school. All children, regardless of what high school they are attending in September, can complete this work. There are 9 sessions in total: an interactive PPT to go through for each session and then a workbook to complete. The workbook can be printed (a PDF version), edited on the computer (a PPT version) or you can complete the tasks in your homework book instead. 

Parents can also access additional resources here to support your child at home: https://www.hachetteschools.co.uk/landing-page/hachette-schools/be-awesome-go-big-transition-resources-for-teachers-2/

Oakfield Transition project - The document below is a set of worksheets I have compiled together for you to have a go at as a way of preparing and thinking about yourself and high school. You can complete them at your leisure before the end of term. 

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Careers Project

This term we are focusing on getting ready for the next chapter in our lives. As well as moving onto high school, thinking about what career you want to embark upon when you are older is really important as it gives you something to aim for and helps you choose your subject options in high school. This project you will complete bits of each week until it is all complete. When you are finished, email me to let me know what job you think you could see yourself in in a few years time!

 careers project.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Careers Project.pdfDownload
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Revision books

Miss Robinson found these for her Year 2 pupils and sent me the Year 6 versions. Although we aren't doing SATs this year, the booklets are still a great resource for revising the Year 6 curriculum ready for high school. There are three booklets to work through: Literacy, Maths and Science. Download the PDFs and complete some of the worksheets in your homework book. 

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Summer 1 

Welcome back to a very unusual summer term at Oakfield. This is your last full term in Year 6 and although it is rather peculiar delivering lessons from home, it is keeping us all safe and that is the main thing currently. For now, all the lessons we plan will be uploaded here so you can access all the worksheets/ PPT's/ resources etc to learn from home. If you can print the sheets off, great, but if not, read them on the website and then do all the work in your yellow homework book or type it up if you're using a laptop. We will look through the work you do when we come back to school so please make sure you keep a record of everything. All of this work is set using the Year 6 National Curriculum so it is based at your level and will provide you with tasks/skills you need for high school - this work is as important as all the work you did before we broke up. Tasks are differentiated where they need to be so choose the worksheet's that suit your ability. Try your best and enjoy learning new topics. 


I have chosen The Arrival as our class book for this term as you can watch video's of the book on youtube (links are on the worksheets) and it lends its-self beautifully to imaginative writing where you can really work on extending your vocabulary choices. 

Uploaded is all the literacy work for the summer term. The week's are set like this: 

Week 1 - poetry 

Week 2 - setting description and dialogue  

Week 3 - diary entry 

Week 4 and 5 - planning, drafting, editing and publishing a short narrative 

 editing stations.pdfDownload
 spag challenges summer 1.pdfDownload
 speech structure week 2 lesson 2.pdfDownload
 the arrival week 1.pubDownload
 the arrival week 2.pubDownload
 the arrival week 3.pubDownload
 the arrival week 4 and 5.pubDownload
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 I have uploaded two weeks worth of Maths lessons and worksheets for you to complete. Each objective has a date at the top so you know what activity to complete when.

You also have extension activities and YouTube videos or attached resources to support you on each activity.

 This home learning pack is for 20.04.20 - 01.05.20. After this, I will upload the next section of learning for you all to complete. 


I have uploaded the file twice; one as a PDF and one in Publisher format as this may not be compatible with all PCs. 

 Home learning pack PDF.pdfDownload
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 Home learning pack 2.pubDownload
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Here is the next section of your Maths learning. 

This pack contains 3 weeks of Maths activities with extensions and resources for you to use between the dates 04.05.20 - 22.05.20.

I have written the dates at the beginning of each activity / objective so you can pace yourself through these each day. I have uploaded both Publisher and PDF versions of this file so hopefully you can access them at home. 

Once you have completed this work, you have completed the Year 6 Maths Curriculum and will be ready for transition work to Year 7!

We are super proud of you all and your commitment to your learning. 

 Home Learning Pack 04.05.20-22.05.20.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Pack 04.05.20-22.05.20.pubDownload
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Mini-Mission Summer 1

This mini-mission is called Mission Impossible and it is Geography based. I have planned three lessons a week for this, all looking at the locality of where we live, using maps, compass points, creating surveys and graphs, and understanding how rivers are formed. I hope you enjoy the project and learn some vital geography skills along the way. 

The main worksheets are named as week 1, 2 and 3. There are accompanying PPT's for lessons when extra explanation is needed to ensure you understand the topic. 

Week 1 - Ordnance Survey map symbols and 4/6 figure grid references 

Week 2 - compass points and human and physical features of Rugby (begins our locality study) 

Week 3 - local study creating a survey and graphs and a lesson on rivers 

 compass points ppt.pptDownload
 Getting to Grips with Grid References PowerPoint.pptDownload
 topic week 2.pubDownload
 topic week 3.pubDownload
 topic work week 1.pubDownload
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 topic week 1 lesson 3 resource.pdfDownload
 topic week 1 resource lesson 1.pdfDownload
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Science - mini-mission 2 

For the second mini-mission of our summer 1 term, we are looking at light and how we see. I have structured this work differently from the geography work so you can choose what creative activities to do and complete the worksheets along side it. 

 Science mini-mission.pdfDownload
 worksheets for science mini-mission.pdfDownload
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 Activity Sheet Making a Periscope.pdfDownload
 LESSON 1 How We See.pptDownload
 LESSON 2 Reflecting Light.pptDownload
 LESSON 3 Refraction.pptxDownload
 LESSON 4 Spectacular Spectrum.pptDownload
 LESSON 5 Seeing Colours.pptDownload
 LESSON 6 Shadow Theatre.pptxDownload
 lesson 7 parts of the eye PPT.pptDownload
 Periscope Template.pdfDownload
 worksheets for science mini-mission.docxDownload
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Mrs Mogul has put together four lessons of work for PSHE. Try and do 1 of these a week. The topic is called exploring identity and diversity. 

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Guided Reading - The 1000 Year Old Boy

I have created 5 weeks worth of Guided Reading activities for you all to access. The work is based around a story called 'The 1000 Year Old Boy' and I have copied any pages you need to read for you so you do not need to worry about buying the book.

I hope you enjoy the first couple of chapters of this story as much as I have and cannot wait to find out more when we come back to school. 

 Guided Reading Summer Term 1 Week 1.docxDownload
 Guided Reading Summer Term 1 Week 2.docxDownload
 Guided Reading Summer Term 1 Week 3.docxDownload
 Guided Reading Summer Term 1 Week 4.docxDownload
 Guided Reading Summer Term 1 Week 5.docxDownload
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Guided reading 

This first file list are a bank of guided reading resources from Hamilton. They are Harry Potter themed which I know some of you absolutely love! So I have popped them on here for you to have a go at. The answers are included at the bottom of some sheets so please keep these hidden when you are doing the work. 

 Year 6 Day 1 Harry Potter.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 10.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 2 Harry Potter.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 3 Harry Potter.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 4 Harry Potter.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 5 Harry Potter.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 6.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 7.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 8.pdfDownload
 Year 6 Day 9.pdfDownload
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 I know lots of you enjoy being creative so I have put together a few activities that you may like to complete in your own time.

It would be lovely to see what you create so keep your art work safe and show me when we are all back!

 Art Projects Summer 1.docxDownload
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A teacher friend of mine has recommended this website to me which teaches children how to code. She uses it with her Year 5 class and said they love it! Each activity is 1 hour long and you can learn so many different things from how to make games, building logo's, creating superheroes to coding cartoons and pac-man games! Have a go if you have some ICT equipment at home and see what you can create! You can choose what level to try if you're feeling like a beginner or think you're an expert!



Our french scheme, Language Angels, has got an online games area for children to access from home. A login code has been set up for you all to access: 

Login Pupil Games
Username: oakfield_primary
Password: oakfield


Have fun learning French at home! 


For the last two days of the term we would have completed RE days and looked at the topic 'What do religions say when life gets hard'. It is a sensitive topic looking at life and death so bear this in mind please when looking at the work. Have a trusted adult with you so you can discuss anything with them and feel free to email your teacher too as we are always here to help. 

 RE Topic work Summer 1.docxDownload
 RE Topic work Summer 1.pdfDownload
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Google Earth game

Zion (from my Starfish class) has been in contact with me to let me know about this game she discovered on Google Earth. It is a show on Netflix that has been transformed into a game on Google Earth, allowing you to use your detective and geography skills all in one place. I've had a go on it and love it! If you have a laptop or ipad that Google Earth works on, why not see if you can locate Carmen Sandiego where ever she is around the world? Have fun! 



As the SATs are not going ahead this year, I have created a 'learning from home' SATs week for you instead! I somehow think that you might prefer this version... :-) 

Or....have a go at my Lockdown SATs! All answers can either be recorded on the word document and emailed back to me, or written on a separate sheet/ in their homework book. Take photos of the art challenges and add them too your work too. There is a certificate for each child who passes their Lockdown SATs! 

 spelling script for sats.docxDownload
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If you are struggling to download the home learning packs in their publisher files, on this file list you will find the literacy, topic and PSHE work as pdf files. These can't be edited on laptops but are easily accessible on all computers and ipads (hopefully) and then the work can be written in the yellow home work books. 

 the arrival week 1.pdfDownload
 the arrival week 2.pdfDownload
 the arrival week 3.pdfDownload
 the arrival week 4 and 5.pdfDownload
 topic week 2.pdfDownload
 topic week 3.pdfDownload
 topic work week 1.pdfDownload
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Online learning resource - Oak National Academy 

If you are looking for an online learning resource, then check out Oak National Academy which has videos and lessons in for all age groups. This resource has been created by 40 primary school teachers from all over the country and is going down a treat already! Our curriculum doesn't tie in with it necessarily as we use Concentric Curriculum as we just do the topics at different times, so I am not going to link these lessons to the topic work I have set for you, but if you want to check out some history work, there are some great resources on WW1 on the website; or how about learning some Spanish? They have geography work on there which would support with the evolution work you were set before Easter break so you could use that to extend your learning. They have literacy work on writing information leaflets and newspapers if you wanted to give this a try. Or maths work on fractions if you want to embed your learning of this. Here is the website so enjoy taking some of these extra lessons. 



STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Warwickshire is an engineering hub and there are lots of apprenticeships available for post-16 school leavers as an alternative career path than going to university. Why not got involved at a young age and see if engineering, or another STEM topic, is for you! I have attached a few projects you can get stuck into. The maths challenges broaden and deepen your thinking and the engineering challenges only use household items. This nrich website is also brilliant for those wants extra maths problems to tackle: https://nrich.maths.org/14600

As well as this, I came across this website called Mission X : Trains like an astronaut. It focuses on fitness and nutrition and you can compete as a team with your family. All you need to do is sign up for free and start completing the challenges. https://www.stem.org.uk/missionx 

 maths challenges.pdfDownload
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Year 6 to Year 7 Transition 

Arrangements regarding transition are yet to be decided due to the fact that we do not know when schools will reopen, and both ourselves and the local high schools will continue to follow Government guidance on this. 

In the meantime, I am talking to the high schools to ensure we can make transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions that you would like to ask your new high school, then please email me or Miss Mistry and we will write them all down, and send them to the high school to get them answered. No question is a silly question so if you have any worries, concerns, questions etc regarding your new school or Year 7, then please just email us to talk and ask. 

Look out for transition resources the high schools are putting up on their website. 

Avon Valley 

Avon Valley webinar taking place on Friday 1st May, 12pm and 8pm. This is the link to follow: 


A virtual tour of the school has also been recorded and will be uploaded very soon so keep an eye out on their website for this. A letter has also been sent home to all parents about their plans and this has also been shared on facebook so please take a look at our school's social media for more information. 

Please see below for a letter regarding a transition project for all Avon Valley students to access from home. 

Bilton High School

Please go to www.biltonschool.co.uk, and click on the link at the top which says "Year 6 Transition". The password is 840600. 
In this area you will find:-
  • Resources - including some useful links to bitesize videos and an "All About Me" worksheet which students can fill in and bring on Induction Day
  • A questions and answers section - one with questions from Year 6s students and one for parents 
  • A competition page - with a new competition to enter every week!
  • Book club - which includes reviews (from teachers, students and other Year 6s), Everyone's Reading... (a chance for all Year 6s to join together in reading a short story, answering puzzles and games and writing a review) and a recommended reading list 
  • Parent information - important information (which parents have been sent in an application pack)
  • Virtual tour - coming soon, a virtual tour around Bilton School!

       Bilton would love to hear from you if you are attending school there next year and send in any book reviews you have done to zoe.martin@biltonmail.com

Lawrence Sheriff School 

For students attending Lawrence Sheriff next year, please visit their website for a virtual tour and a transition booklet to work through. 


 Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing service have issued this booklet with the intention of: "supporting both children and parents/carers with the transition during this time. It contains tips and advice, an activity and a preparation checklist, and reiterates that school nursing are here to help when needed." Take a look at the booklet below to assist with the transition to Secondary School.


We make teaching e-safety a priority in school and ensure it is covered in depth each year, but new information and technology comes out all the time that it is important to keep on top of it and understand how to keep ourselves safe on line. Especially during these times when we are learning from home, children are using the internet a lot more than they might do ordinarily. Think you know have released some home learning activities that are suitable for every age range, but the link below is specific for 8-10 year olds. You can access the 11-13 year old ones through the website too or younger age ranges also. I hope you and your child find these useful and it helps keep everyone safe online. 


Easter Pack!

I have put together a load of activities that you might like to have a go at over Easter. They are meant to be fun, creative, offer some mindfulness, a little bit mathsy but just something to do to keep you entertained over the next two weeks whilst we all continue to stay at home. I hope you have a lovely two weeks off. Why not keep a diary over the next couple of weeks to document what you do? This will be an Easter like no other and there will never be one like this again. It might be a nice idea to make your own record of history. 

Here are a list of websites that will help during your time at home and assist with your home learning. Every website is free to use too. 

New website alert!!! Maths and Literacy support!

Carol Vordermon has just announced that her website 'The Maths Factor' will be completely free during this time at home. It has lots of free videos to teach your child mathematical concepts and provides activities/games for them to get involved in. You can access the website here: https://www.themathsfactor.com/

Keep an eye on her youtube channel too as she is making video's for adults to increase their confidence with maths too. 

For literacy, Jane Considine is running daily writing instruction videos and setting tasks. These are suitable for all ages and free to join in with. 

All you have to do is:

Visit the YouTube account every morning at 9:45am GMT ready for her first live broadcast where she announces the focus of the day.
Return for her second livestream at 10:30am where she will do a short teaching session and issue the task.
Carry out the task as instructed by Jane.
Share the work on social media using the hashtag #SuperSentenceStacker.
Jane will them review the submissions and put them together to make the full story and she reads it out as a class reading session at 3:30pm.

Subscribe to her youtube account here: 



As well as education and school work, it is also important you have downtime and enjoy some activities that encourage you to use your creative skills. Try some of these activities to keep yourself active indoors: 

Brilliant maths website free for parents! 

Third Space Maths Learning have just announced that they are opening a maths hub for parents to access from home, to support their children with home learning. It is a website we use a lot in school as it contains brilliant maths resources that are pitched at a perfect level for year 6, offering a level of challenge where appropriate. They have released this document below with instructions on how to set up a free account. 


Also, they have released this today (03-04-2020) which details 25 fun maths games you can play from home. https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/fun-maths-games-activities-for-kids/?utm_campaign=02_04_2020_25_Games_Activities_Blog&utm_source=pardot&utm_medium=email&utm_content=button 

Here are a list of science activities you can do at home! They are fun, creative and require minimal resources. All of these ideas I have taken from the Usborne 365 Science activities book. Have fun experimenting! Remember to take photos of any science experiments you do and stick them into your yellow homework book if you can - or write a scientific explanation about what you did. 

Science resources from Whizz Pop Bang.

Whizz Pop Bang is a company who works within schools offering science clubs and amazing demonstrations. They have a magazine for children too. To help with home learning, they have issues these free resources that might be useful to all you budding scientists at home. 

Showing 1-3 of 3

This is the mini-mission home learning pack based on Evolution - it is a science themed topic. 

Here are two more maths packs for you to have a go at. They contain arithmetic questions and then some reasoning questions. The second pack is a harder maths pack - three word problems followed by some harder puzzles. 


Ultimate times table test pack for Year 6, courtesy of Third Space Maths Learning. The answers are included at the end so be sure to hide these whilst completing the tests. 


Before we left last Friday, Mrs Mogul and I took home LOADS of books that we would like to read whilst we are working from home (like you). I am currently reading a book by Jessie Burton that I cannot put down! But from our class library, between myself and Mrs Mogul, we took home to read: 


Orange in No Man's Land



The Girl of Ink and Stars 


The Machine Gunners 


Mrs Mogul had started quite a few of these in guided reading but hadn't finished them yet so really wanted to get reading and find out what happens in the end!

Reading is a great way of escaping and also developing your imagination and language. It is perfect for reducing screen time from app's and devices so please make sure you are reading as part of your home learning. I am happy for you to read whatever you like! I would love it if you could all come back to school and tell us what you'd been reading whilst you were off so we can update our reading wishlists! Remember to keep a log of what you're reading and when. 

Here are some more recommended reads for you that lots of other Year 6 teachers have used with their classes and loved: 

Goodnight Mr Tom 

The other side of truth 


Boy in the Tower

Can you see me? 



Letters from the lighthouse 


These are all books I have heard wonderful things about (especially Wonder) but haven't had chance to read yet. Can you read any and write me a book review for when we come back to work? Or read your own book at home and write a review on it. I am always looking for new suggestions. 

Check out a full list of 100 recommended reads here: 


I have also attached a book review form for you to use. Either download it as many times as you like, or write as many reviews as you can in your yellow homework book. I know some of you love to scrapbook and write in notebooks too. You could start a book review notebook and make it as beautiful as you like. 

Alternative ideas....

Why not watch an educational documentary on Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc, and write a review about it. 

Here are some suggestions of what to watch: 

Horrible Histories

Blue Planet

Planet Earth 

Frozen Planet (anything David Attenborough is amazing!) 

Steve Backshall's programs


Inside the factory - one for those of you who enjoy engineering and understanding how things are made. 

Have a search on your TV or streaming service and see what educational programs you can find. Sit down and enjoy learning about something different. Then afterwards, think about what you learnt, what you enjoyed about it, what questions you have, what further research you could do etc. You could make a PPT about the documentary, write a review in your yellow homework book, type it up on the computer/ipad....anything that gets you writing! Have fun! 

For those who enjoyed our Egyptian topic...

During the Autumn term, we completed a mini-mission called Tomb Raiders, and we focused on Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's long lost tomb. We had some amazing work produced around this topic and it really sparked an interest in history in so many of our pupils. Last night, I found this programme on Channel 4: Secret's of Egypt's Valley of the Kings and it fascinated me! I thought I would share this with you all in case you want to take some time during your home learning to watch some of the documentary series and learn more about the Valley of the Kings. You could complete your own research project on it if you like and create a PPT, a poster, an information text, drawing and sketches, models etc, anything you like that you have been inspired to create from this series. Here is the link: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/secrets-of-egypts-valley-of-the-kings I hope you enjoy watching it and learning more about Egyptology and archaeology as much as I did. 



Now Miss Abel's love of SPAG is evident to her Starfish class! They have fully jumped on board with SPAG lessons this year and now the majority (if not all I hope) share her love of this subject :-) I saw this last night (a resource published by Vocabulary Ninja) and I thoroughly enjoyed having a go at completing it. Each emoji sentence represents a English/grammar/SPAG term ..... how many can you identify? Record your ideas in your yellow homework book ready to show me. Who will beat my score?! 

Something fun..

Here are a pack of brain teasers for you to try. Spot the differences, Where's Wally, riddles, optical illusions....lots to keep you entertained whilst at home! 


 (from Miss Mistry and Mrs Randall).

As you all know, I love teaching Art and with Easter approaching, I thought it would be a great opportunity for all you lovely lot to get yourselves involved too. 

Also - as Polar Bears are very aware - I do LOVE  competition so I have merged these two factors together to create an Easter Egg designing competition for Year 6.

The task is simple, easy and allows you to be as creative as you wish.

Using a blank template (attached below), you are to design your own Easter eggs. My top three designs will win a special chocolate treat of their choice. I have also attached some ideas of what you could produce. You have all been such wonderful artists this year so don't forget all the lovely skills you have learnt (collage, sketching, blending, shading, painting...etc). 

You may choose to take photographs of your designs and email them to the school website or wait until we are back in school so I can judge these before awarding delicious goodies to the lucky winners!

I also would like this opportunity to tell you all how much Mrs Randall and I miss you so very much - we hope you are keeping safe and being amazing for your adults at home. Remember - eat lots of Easter eggs, watch lots of films and enjoy a two week break for Easter. 

Cannot wait to see what amazing designs you create at home!!

Keep working hard and supporting each other. We will be thinking about you. 

Miss Abel, Mrs Mogul, Mrs Hickton, Mrs Randall and Miss Mistry.