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We are proud of ourselves. We are proud of each other. We are proud of our community.

Year Three 

If you would like to contact Mr Burrows or Mr Hickling, please send an email to Burrows.W@welearn365.com or Hickling.M1@welearn365.com
We ask that you only use this channel if Mr Burrows or Mr Hickling are your child's class teacher and to: share learning; allow contact between your child and their teacher or to ask for advice and guidance about any learning tasks set.
We ask that is you have any additional queries or concerns that you continue to raise these via. our admin2419@welearn365.com email address or for any safeguarding concerns, you follow guidance in our COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Update which can be found in the safeguarding tab on the Home Learning section of our school website.
We look forward to seeing and sharing all the wonderful work which you have been creating and remember that you are all doing an amazing job!

Year 3 Home Learning Hall of Fame

Well done and thank you to all our Y3 families for all your hard work during this period.

New home learning format from 8.6.20

We are starting a new weekly format for home learning, which will run until the end of the summer term. Download the sheet below for this week's timetable.

Each week, a new set of resources will be uploaded which you and your child can use for home learning. As has been the case for all home learning, the work provided here serves as a guide only. It is not expected that children will do all of it, and it is fine to pick and choose which bits to do. Having too much fun outdoors planting seeds? Spending your time cooking or creating beautiful art? In that case it's also totally fine to do none of the work here! Just make sure you keep sharing with us the amazing things you are doing!


Dear year 3 children,

This week is the final week of home learning, and marks the end of another school year. Our time together is almost over, and it is your last week in year 3.

I always find it a sad time when the school year ends, and this year especially so. I want to extend a massive thank you to all of the children, and the adults who care for them, who have worked so hard and coped with so much over the past 4 months.

When you return to school in September, things will be different to how they were when you left. There will be new faces, new friends and lots of amazing new things to learn. Remember that it is ok to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, and to make mistakes. It just means you are learning something new. Work hard, and I know you will do really well.

Each and every one of you is an absolute superstar, and I will miss you very much.


Best wishes for the future.

Your teacher,

Mr Burrows


Weekly Timetable 13.7.20 (final week)

 Year Three timetable 13.7.20.pdfDownload
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Weekly Maths 13.7.20

 Emoji Code Breaking.pdfDownload
 Finding part of a set.pdfDownload
 Fun activities.pdfDownload
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Weekly Literacy + Reading 13.7.20

 Lockdown time capsule.pdfDownload
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Weekly Non Core 13.7.20

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Weekly Timetable 6.7.20

 Year Three timetable 6.7.20.pdfDownload
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Weekly Maths 6.7.20

 Finding part of a set.pdfDownload
 Parts of a set extra challenge.pdfDownload
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Weekly Literacy 6.7.20

 Records sheet and report example.pdfDownload
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Weekly Reading 6.7.20

 Reading about Records.pdfDownload
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Weekly Non-Core 6.7.20

 Fun With Density.pdfDownload
 Lava Lamp.pdfDownload
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Weekly Timetable 29.6.20

 Year Three timetable 29.6.20.pdfDownload
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Weekly Maths 29.6.20

 Equivalent fractions explained.pptDownload
 Equivalent fractions now try these.pdfDownload
 Equivalent fractions start here.pdfDownload
 Fractions Wall.pdfDownload
 Further questions to try.pptxDownload
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Weekly Literacy 29.6.20

 Past tense and present tense explained.pptxDownload
 Past tense and present tense.pdfDownload
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Weekly Reading 29.6.20

 Short story.pdfDownload
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Weekly Non-Core 29.6.20

 Fireworks in a Glass.pdfDownload
 Grow a Rainbow.pdfDownload
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Weekly Timetable 22.6.20

 Year Three timetable 22.6.20.pdfDownload
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Weekly Maths 22.6.20

 Comparing and ordering fractions start here.pdfDownload
 Comparing and ordering fractions.pptxDownload
 Comparing Fractions Challenge.pdfDownload
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Weekly Literacy 22.6.20

 Compound and complex sentences.pdfDownload
 Example Adverts.pdfDownload
 Features of adverts.pdfDownload
 Plan and write a toy advert.pdfDownload
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Weekly Reading 22.6.20

 Poem The Magic Box.pdfDownload
 Poem The School Kids rap.pdfDownload
 Poem The Sound Collector.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension easier.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension trickier.pdfDownload
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Weekly Non-Core 22.6.20

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Weekly Timetable 15.6.20

 Year Three timetable 15.6.20.docxDownload
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Weekly Maths 15.6.20

 Adding and subtracting fractions explained.pptxDownload
 Adding fractions - next try this.pdfDownload
 Adding fractions - start here.pdfDownload
 Pizza fractions posters.pdfDownload
 Subtracting fractions - next try this.pdfDownload
 Subtracting fractions - start here.pdfDownload
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Weekly Literacy 15.6.20

 I Did Not Eat the Goldfish.docxDownload
 Poetry features.docxDownload
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Weekly Non-Core 15.6.20

 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Friday.pdfDownload
 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Monday.pdfDownload
 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Thursday.pdfDownload
 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Tuesday.pdfDownload
 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Wednesday.pdfDownload
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Weekly Timetable 8.6.20

 Year Three Timetable 8.6.20.pdfDownload
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Weekly Maths 8.6.20

 Tenths - next try these.pdfDownload
 Tenths - Start here.pdfDownload
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Weekly Literacy 8.6.20

 Photos to describe.pdfDownload
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VE Day Activities

Victory in Europe Day/ VE Day took place on May 8th 1945. It was a public holiday and day of celebration to mark the defeat of Germany by the Allied forces in World War 2.

VE Day marked the formal conclusion of the war with Germany and brought to an end six years of suffering, courage and endurance across the world.

Please see below for a range of VE Day inspired activities.

 'Code-Cracking for Beginners' Morse Code Worksheet.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Differentiated Fact File.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Discussion Worksheet.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Information PowerPoint.pdfDownload
 KS2 VE Day Information PowerPoint.pptDownload
 KS2 VE Day Themed Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Bunting.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Flag.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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Year 3 Home Learning W/C 4.5.20

Please remember that we have no deadline for work to be completed and you are more than welcome to work at the pace and interests of your child. In class, the work which has been listed for this week would be completed over the space of a half term. You are all doing an amazing job and if there is anything which we can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Finding Nemo - Toys, Costumes, DVDs & More | shopDisney

Wider Curriculum - Finding Nemo

The planning for this scheme is similar to what we would be using inside the classroom and where necessary has been adapted, or resources created, to support its use at home. If there is anything that you need further help with or do not understand in the planning, please let us know.

You may also wish to choose select lessons to deliver, rather than complete the scheme lesson by lesson. This is absolutely fine and the numbers next to the resource correspond to the number lesson in the planning.

Instead of printing the resources, you may want to load them onto a screen and have your child write down their learning onto a piece of paper.

If your child does not have access to a computer, or you would like a more creative focus, then there is also a Home Learning Project which you may prefer to explore.

 - Finding Nemo - Alternative Home Learning Project -.docxDownload
 -Finding Nemo Home Learning Plan-.docxDownload
 1. Clown fish facts.pubDownload
 1. Missing poster modelled example.docxDownload
 1. Missing poster.docxDownload
 10. Biome presentation.pptxDownload
 10. Coral reef biome.docxDownload
 10. Desert biome.docxDownload
 10. Map of world's main biomes.pubDownload
 12. Inverted commas intro.pubDownload
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Times Tables Challenge! W/C 18.05.20

We are holding a bit of a maths challenge to see who can learn their times tables fluently. Every child who completes the special challenge below and emails a photo of their sheet to their teacher, will recieve a certificate back in return!

Before you attempt the challenge, see below for some fun, exciting videos to help you learn your times tables!

2X www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RHvIUry_uc

5 X www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZAqhF_2vvs

10 X www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kwIccQGcr0

3 X www.youtube.com/watch?v=70aG99v704k

4 X www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJY1_fzzM6Y

8 X www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdqAA9Ky2DY


Play this game as often as you can and you'll soon know your times tables inside out. Answer the questions as fast as you can but try not to get any penalties. At the end of the game you will be shown your score and awarded a prize monster :)


Below are some sheets to help learn the times tables.

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The challenge...

Answer all the questions correctly on one of the quizzes below. There are three levels of difficulty. Email a copy of your completed sheet showing all the right answers to Mr Burrows or Mr Hickling. Then, we will send you a special certificate which you can proudly display!

 Bronze tables quiz.pdfDownload
 Gold tables quiz.pdfDownload
 Silver tables quiz.pdfDownload
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Home Science Experiments

Please see the link below for a variety of home science experiments which you may enjoy. Please note that the website is an American website so apologies for any spelling, grammatical or product adjustments.



 Lesson Five Activity Sheet Flower Dissection Mat.pdfDownload
 Lesson Five Activity Sheet Parts of a Flower.pdfDownload
 Lesson Five Activity Sheet Pollination Process.pdfDownload
 Lesson Five Lesson Presentation Fantastic Flowers.pptDownload
 Lesson Five Paper Flower for Dissection.pdfDownload
 Lesson Four Prediction Puzzle Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson Four Activity Sheet Observing Changes.pdfDownload
 Lesson Four Activity Sheet Prediction Puzzle.pdfDownload
 Lesson Four Presentation Moving Water.pptDownload
 Lesson One Activity Sheet Parts of a Plant Folding Leaflet.pdfDownload
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If you are looking for something a bit different for home learning this week, see our online school French teaching resources at https://www.languageangels.com/schools/index.php.  If you click Log-in and Pupil Games, our account details are username: oakfield_primary and password: oakfield

Prendre plaisir,

Monsieur Hickling et. Monsieur Burrows

Year 3 Home Learning Competition

Please note that the following is an optional activity which you may wish to undertake if you and your child choose to.

Hello, both Mr Hickling and Mr Burrows have been thinking about our classroom book areas when we return to school and have had a bit of a creative thought...

We would like to decorate and personalise each reading area with your favourite books. Now this is the exciting part... we would like you to create your favourite book in a jar!

To complete this your will to do the following:

  1. Choose a favourite book.
  2. Find an old jar e.g. jam jar. Please don't worry if you do not have a jar. Instead, you may wish to create a sketch of your favourite scenes from your favourite book.
  3. Fill the jar with drawings/items which link to your favourite book.
  4. Label your jar with your name, book title and the author of your favourite book.
  5. If you wish to, send a picture of your creation to Mr Hickling or Mr Burrows who will celebrate your work on the Hall of Fame and school Facebook page.

The winner of the competition will be judged by a secret. yet expert judging panel. Also remember that all entries will receive legendary status in forming a display in our Y3 classrooms and after, in the school library.

If you're looking for ideas, here are some examples:


    Billionaire Boy                                       Alice in Wonderland

*As you can guess, these were not create by Mr Hickling or Mr Burrows!

Year 3 Summer One Home Learning Pack

Here is the next installment of the home learning pack for year 3 children, which contains work for Maths, SPAG, Reading, Literacy and Mini-Mission.

Some activities can be written into the exercise book that each child was given at the end of term. Others can be completed on the work sheets provided and then stuck/stapled in. You may also copy and complete the work sheets if you aren't able to print them.

When your child works in their exercise book, please make sure the work is dated and has a title.

I have aimed to include a lot of work to keep children busy. Please remember, the expectation is not for your child to rush through all the work provided in the time available. Take your time, do a bit each day, and remember to relax and spend time with your child as well. Fun and practical activities such as cooking, drawing, dancing or playing are just as valuable to a child's development as the activities provided here.

Above all else, be sure you and your child get enough sleep, eat well and be good to yourselves in general at this difficult time.


Mr Burrows & Mr Hickling



Children's Mental Health Support

Please see the information below for a range of mental health support links which are available. This list has been created by Warwickshire's RISE service. Please remember that whilst we are still here to support all our Oakfield families and if you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Hickling, Mr Burrows or send an email to our admin2419@welearn365.com email address and we will do everything we can to support you and your family.

Rise is a family of NHS-led services providing emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Rise aims to build resilience and empower children and young people (as well as the adults in their lives) to know where to go for help and advice.

It’s made up of a number of different services, each led by mental health specialists.


This maths block is all about learning to tell the time. It follows on from the money block in the last pack.

 Time worksheets 1.pdfDownload
 Time worksheets 2.pdfDownload
 Time worksheets 3.pdfDownload
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The learning below is broken up into steps. Each step has a teaching PowerPoint which you can use to aid understanding, as well as a simple worksheet and a slightly trickier reasoning worksheet.

The sheets are organised according to ability. Your child will be familiar with the symbols displayed on each sheet as they have done similar work in class.

  • A red star with a D shows the easiest work.
  • A blue star with an E shows intermediate work.
  • The hardest questions have a gold star with GD in them - well done if you manage to complete the questions at this difficulty!

Steps 7-10 to follow in the coming weeks, so please check again soon!

Parent folder
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White Rose Maths

If you are looking for opportunities to deliver any further maths learning, White Rose Maths is a fantastic scheme which teachers use as part of their planning to create lessons. On their website you can find the Year 3 scheme of learning and click on the area which you wish to focus on. Within this area you will find a whole teaching sequence including questions and resources. https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/schemes-of-learning/primary-sols/


The reading pack focuses on comprehension and building habits that make a confident and keen reader. What follows is a series of short stories with questions to check understanding. Ideally your child should read the story and answer the questions, however you may also choose to read the story together before your child answers the questions on their own.

Please make sure you are also reading to your child, when possible.

Reading to your child will help them to enjoy reading, to build their comprehension skills, and to become a confident reader themselves.

Children benefit from listening to books that they can’t read themselves yet, as they will see and hear adventurous language and ideas that they might not have encountered in their independent reading.

For stories to share with your child, take a look at this storytelling playlist on the Oxford Owl YouTube channel

Asking your child questions can help them to think about what they’re reading. Try to ask open questions that begin with ‘how’ and ‘why’. See if your child can go back to the text and pictures to tell you how they know the answer.


 Bird Migration.docxDownload
 Comprehension sheet 1.docxDownload
 Comprehension sheet 2.docxDownload
 Comprehension sheet 3.docxDownload
 Further activities.docxDownload
 the accident.docxDownload
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Here are some links to online reading quizzes which can be done on a computer, tablet or phone. They are a lot of fun!





In addition to these resources, here are some ideas for reading activities you could do at home. Why not take some pictures and stick them in your exercise book?

  • Read a story and retell it in your own words.
  • Read aloud and perform a poem or a play script, with actions too!
  • Make a list of words and phrases you have read, then talk about them with an adult.
  • Or use a dictionary to check the meaning of them.
  • Predict what might happen next in your story. Then read it and check if you were right.


Writing and Grammar

The writing and grammar section focuses mainly on storytelling, as this was the focus of our next mini-mission. See below for the resources. Included are some story prompts and planning, as well as some sentence level work. Children are also welcome to do their own writing, below are some writing-based ideas to keep them busy!


  • Create a craft, model, painting, sculpture, or other project and write a caption or short description about it.


  • Take a stuffed animal, lego figure, or toy everywhere you go for a whole day. Snap photos and keep a journal to document each place it goes and everything it does.


  • Build something and tell a story about it.


  • Send an email to someone in your family describing what you've done trhis week, or things you would like to do.


  • Make a list of 3 subjects you know a lot about, such as horses, Minecraft, camping, toys, or anything else that interests you. Then you can write a paragraph about one of these topics. Include at least three facts in your paragraph.
 Story ideas generator.docxDownload
 Writing challenge cards.pdfDownload
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 A Messy Bedroom.pdfDownload
 Missing Prepositions.pdfDownload
 Preposition Detective.pdfDownload
 Preposition Sentences - Prepositions for Location.pdfDownload
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Handwriting and Spelling Resources

 Continuous Cursive Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Cursive Unlooped Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive Unlooped Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive Unlooped Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Print Left Handed.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Print Left Handed.pdfDownload
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BBC Bitesize Home Learning Support

Watch BBC Bitesize Daily from 9am on Monday on @BBCiPlayer and Red Button where the following lessons will be taking place:


Time Capsule Activity


Please click the following link for a printable copy of Time Capsule Activity for children of all ages to complete.


Time Capsule Activity

Twinkl - Home Learning Resources


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Twinkl are offering everyone Twinkl Ultimate free for a month, to help keep children learning at home. Visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Ultimate.


On Twinkl you can find a whole host of differentiated resources to support every subjects from music through to art. Some resources are provided in multiple languages also.


Helpful Resources & Websites 

Joe Wicks Morning PE Sessions

From 9am every weekday morning, Joe Wickes will be starting the morning with an exercise session aimed at children. If you follow this link: https://twitter.com/thebodycoach/status/1240600083458068480… these will be live on his YouTube channel.


Whether you're at home or at school, you can use BBC Teach for free. Their website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject.



Mathematics, English, Science and more! A comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum.


Scholastic UK

To get things started, here are some of Scholastic UK's hugely popular FREE home learning packs for Early Years, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 children. These have been created  to help parents keep their children learning at home during the COVID-19 school closures. We hope you find them helpful!
Stories for Kids

Previous learning pack for week beginning 23/3/20

Maths Resources

Times table sheets 

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Money Worksheets

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Maths Revision booklet

SPAG Resources

Reading and Comprehension Resources

 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 An Extract from Howard Carters Diary.pdfDownload
 Answer Booklets.pdfDownload
 Caesar's Calendar Conundrum.pdfDownload
 Defeat or Retreat.pdfDownload
 Friendly Felines.pdfDownload
 Get Ready With Cleopatra.pdfDownload
 How Thunor Got His Hammer.pdfDownload
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Mini-Mission Resources (Science)

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