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Year Two


Hello all, 


I hope you are all well and keeping very busy at home with your home learning activities! 


Whilst you are at home there are lots of things other than your home learning packs which can help you embed skills you will have learnt at school. Below are the objectives that Year 2 children are assessed against and some ideas of how you can practice them at home. 



  • Read scales in divisions of ones, twos, fives and tens: cooking your favourite foods and weighing ingredients. Using a thermometer, can you monitor the daily temperature?
  • Add and subtract any 2 digit numbers using written methods and apparatus: practicing column addition and subtraction, adding up prices of items in the supermarket, using sweets, biscuits, pencils to practice adding and subtracting.
  • Recall multiplication and division facts of 2, 5 and 10:
  • Counting in 2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCxvNtrcDIs 
  • Counting in 5s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amxVL9KUmq8
  • Counting in 10s  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7stosHbZZZg
  • Identify 1 half, 1 quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters,  1 third, 2 thirds of a shape: Cutting pizzas, cakes or even fruit! Can you make your own fruit kebabs using quarters of bananas, half of strawberries and whole blueberries?
  • Use different coins to make the same amount: Practice using coins to play shops at home! Can you work out how much change you would need?  
  • Read the time on the clock to the nearest 15 minutes: Ask your parents to test you on telling the time at different intervals throughout the day. 
  • Name and describe the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes: What shapes can you find around your house? How many sides, vertices and edges does it have? Can you find any with lines of symmetry?



  • Pupils can read fluently, self correcting and checking it makes sense to them: Read your book to an adult or sibling.
  • Pupil can answer questions about what they have just read and make inferences about what the text is telling them: Get an adult to ask your questions about what you have read. If there is not an adult to ask, can your write a book review about the book. Would you recommend it to a friend? Why? Can you use a Venn diagram to compare this book to another one? Take a look in your pack for ideas. 
  • Read the common exception words for Year 2: This list is in your pack and attached down below. Challenge yourself, can you read more than you could yesterday?  



  • Write simple, coherent narratives about real and fictional events: Can you write a diary entry about what you have done during your time off or can you retell your favourite story?Make sure you use your skills to improve it.
  • Demarcate most sentences with capital letters, full stops and use question marks correctly where needed: When you have written your work, can you self edit to ensure you have full stops and capital letters? 
  • Use co-ordinating and suborinating conjunctions to join sentences together: After you have written some information, can you improve it by adding more? Remember to use because, and, so, if, when, but, or. 
  • Write the common exception words correctly: This list is in your pack and attached down below. Challenge yourself, can you write more than you could yesterday?  

 Fancy a challenge? Take a look at the 10 minute challenges! 

Best selling authors and illustrators are setting 10 minute challenges daily. You can learn all about the author or illustrator, their work and get some top tips for your writing. Will you take on the challenge today? 


Mini Mission - Through the Keyhole (Animals and their Habitats)

Our new mini mission is called Through the Keyhole. This is all about animals, plants and their habitats. The aims of this mini mission are for you to: 

  • Explore and compare things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive
  • Identify that most living things have somewhere to live (a habitat)
  • Identify suitable habitats for living things
  • To able to talk about how animals are suited to living in their habitat
  • Describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different plants and animals
  • Identify and name different sources of food
  • Use simple food chains to describe how animals get their food 

Have a look out of your window at your garden or street. What living things can you see there? Maybe a black bird looking for worms or a cheeky squirrel? This is the perfect time for us to look for living things because the weather is so beautiful. Below are some links to games, resources and ideas to help you. 

 Wednesday 25th March 


Plants and Animals in the Local Area - This game focuses on plants and animals you might be able to see in your garden. Once you have identified all of the living things in the picture, you will be able to find out more information about them. Click on the magnifying glass to see. 



Habitats: What is a habitat? - This video is really detailed and full of interesting facts. Not only does it explain what a habitat is, it explains how some animals are adapted to suit their habitat. The video compares 3 different types of bears from very different habitats. Can you compare a different animal that lives in different habitats? How about a parrot, a seagull and a penguin? 



Habitats and the environment - This website has videos describing each different type of habitat. What animals can you think of that live there? There is also a video to explain what a food chain is. 


The Donkey Sanctuary - Below is a document created by the Donkey Sanctuary all filled with activities about animals, their habitats and sorting animals. It also has worksheets to help you understand animal adaptations. 


Thursday 26th March 


Animal Habitats - This is a fantastic website about Animal Habitats. It is an introduction to what an adaptation is, what animals need from the habitat and some examples of how animals are adapted to their environment. 


Habitats - Below is a powerpoint all about animals, their habitats and what the habitats provide. There is also an added activity at the end based on living and extinct animals. 


 Animal Habitat Fact File Activity -  Using the information from the website posted above and what you know about your favourite animal, can you write a factfile about where it lives and how the habitat is suitable for the that animal? Below is a sheet to help you.



Andy's Safari - Fancy something a bit different? Check out Cbeebies' Andy on his animal adventure. Choose a habitat and learn how animals hunt for their food. 


Times tables, Multiplication and Division - Below is a work sheet to practice multiplication and division at home. In year 2, we are practicing knowing multiplication facts of 2s, 5s and 10s. 



Snowboard Slalom - A brilliant maths game to practice all kinds of skills. Can you ski safely down the mountain by counting in 2s, 5s or 10s? Ask a grown up to help set it up! 


Length - Our next maths topic area is length and height. To begin with, pupils need to learn how to read cms on a ruler. How long is your pencil case? Use a ruler to find out! Below are some worksheets based around reading a ruler correctly to measure objects. Please do not worry about the millimetres on the ruler just yet!  


Friday 27th March 

 Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it has been all week so that we can all enjoy our gardens! Today, why not have some fun in your garden?



Take a look at this amazing website with lots of simple, fun ideas that you can do in your garden whilst you are at home. Perhaps you might make some soil art for your neighbours to see or create a pirate garden! Why not take some pictures of your creations and post them on the Oakfield Facebook page?


Monday 30th March 

 I hope you had a good weekend and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine with your families. As the weather continues to improve, take a look at the physical features around your street to notice the signs of Spring! 



Measuring in Centimetres - Above is a brilliant game where you can practice measuring objects with a ruler. Move the marker to the end of the object to accurately measure how many centimetres long it is. If you are feeling confident, why not try level 2 and measure to the nearest half centimetre?


Measuring objects at home in Centimetres - Below is a sheet where you can find objects around your house and measure them using a ruler. Which object is the longest? Which is the shortest? 


Living, Dead or Never Alive - What do we do to keep us alive? Below are a selection of resources to continue exploring our mini mission, Through the Keyhole. In year 2 we need to know the difference between living things, things that have never been alive or things that are dead. There is a powerpoint to introduce this concept and activities to check your understanding. Can you use the sorting cards to create three piles: living, dead and thing that have never have been alive? When you are confident, have a go at the worksheet, drawing one thing from each category and writing reasons how you know. 



Writing Challenge - Take a look at today's author, Swapna Haddow, and her writing challenge. It fits perfectly with our mini mission and my book recommendation of today! She is challenging you to write an animal story. Watch her video for more information and top tips. Get your pencils at the ready!


Tuesday 31st March 

What a lovely day we are having today! Why not take the day to practice your skills practically? Get out in the garden and practice your writing. Use chalk, water or even good old fashioned pen and paper, can you show off your SPAG skills? 


How many birds come into your garden? Can you work out how many legs there are all together? Counting in 2s should help! Why not make a tally of how many birds you can see over the next couple of days? Remember to cross the tally every time you count 5. Counting in 5s will help you work out the total! 



Wednesday 1st April

Hopefully lots of you managed to get into your garden for some outside learning yesterday as today's weather does not look at good! Although it might mean staying inside, there are some fantastic things you can be doing. Rather than focusing on Literacy and Maths, why not have a creative day? Check out the free resources below! 



I know lots of you like dancing and performing, especially to your peers! Famous dancer, Oti Mabuse is streaming live dance classes at 11:30 everyday. Each day there is a new theme! I will definitely be tuning in on Friday for the "Wicked" lesson!





Lots of you enjoy singing to the class at the end of the day. I know "Believer" is a particular favourite! Why not learn a new song to show us when we get back to school? Out of the Ark are providing free resources including sing a long tracks, words on the screen, dance videos and much more! I am familiar with a couple of these songs, I'm sure you will be too! 


Feel like being creative in a different way? Why not take a look at some animals in their habitats? Perhaps you could create some art based on your favourite animal. Look closely at the animals skin, fur, feathers or scales, how is it adapted to it's habitat? 



The National Aquarium in Baltimore are providing an online tour so you can look closely at their tanks without leaving the comfort of your own home. Which will be your favourite exhibition: the Pacific Coral Reef or Shark Alley?



What is your favourite exotic animal? Can you find it at The Houston Zoo? The zoo has placed webcams in many of it's enclosures so you can watch the animals live. My favourite is the playful elephants!


 Thursday 2nd April

 First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents, siblings, other family members that are helping the children continue their learning whilst at home. I completely understand how busy you all are with your own work, let alone other household jobs. I also understand how tricky it can be trying to complete homework, let alone daily home learning! Although I am posting things everyday, please do not feel pressure to try to complete it all. Any help you can give your child is much appreciated but these are learning opportunities you could do with your child, not something to add more pressure to an already tricky situation. 

Secondly, I would like to say that you are all amazing! 


Today I have found some fun, alternative learning opportunities which you can do independently. Why not try a maths scavenger hunt around your house? What shapes can you find with 3 corners? Can you spot the number 20 in a book? Below is the tick list to download so you can take part. 




Steve Backshall- TV presenter and animal lover, Steve Backshall, is doing a live stream everyday on his Facebook page at 9:30. He is answering questions about animals and their habitats, showing animal videos and conducting fun quizzes for you to take part in. Take a look at yesterday's video, where you can take part in the "Who's poo?" quiz! Hopefully you will do better than I did! 



Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a brilliant day with your families. The weather has once again been beautiful so I hope you have managed to go into the garden and enjoy the sunshine. 

As I promised on Wednesday, I took part in Oti's Wicked family dance lesson. It was great fun! I will definitely be joining in some more. As a special treat, I even filmed a snippet for you. Take a look at the bottom of the page if you would like a giggle! 


 Monday 6th April - Easter Holidays!

As you will know, this would be the start of the Easter holidays. A time where you would have 2 weeks with your families to enjoy the sunshine. Luckily, the weather looks like it should be beautiful and give you plenty of chance to get into your gardens and observe the nature you can see. 

Over these next two weeks, I will not be posting as much as I have been because: 

  1. It is Easter! 
  2. There is so much information on this page to keep you busy already
  3. I need some more time to catch up on reading new books to share with you
  4. You and your parents absolutely deserve a break 
  5. You need all the time you can get to eat delicious Easter eggs, yum! 

Although I will not be posting everyday, this does not mean that myself or Mrs Holloway are not thinking about you all. We miss you and think about you all, every day (parents included)! 

Please make sure you stay safe, look after each other and have a wonderful time over Easter. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more resources!



Free Audio Books

I know lots of you really enjoy David Walliams books because they are so funny! Every day this month he releasing an audio story from The World's Worst Children. Simply click on the link below to listen! 





 Free Twinkl Resources


Twinkl have kindly provided access to their resources for teachers and parents around the world during the current circumstances. There are thousands of helpful resources which you can access and download completely free, such as;

Phonics sheets, learning games, Worksheets for math, literacy, spelling  common exception words etc. You can create your own login by using your personal e-mail address and the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS, visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer to sign up.



At Oakfield we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme of learning from Ruth Miskin - Read, Write, Inc. are doing daily phonics lessons Via Youtube and Facebook. 

RWI Phonics lessons at home from Monday 23rd March on Facebook and YouTube:
Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm
Note: films won’t be available at other times




Miss Robinson Recommends....

As most of you know, I absolutely love reading! I know that all of Deers Class love reading too! When we are in school I enjoy our discussions about books we have read and I am always really keen to hear your suggestions of books I could read that you have enjoyed. 

During this time at home, I will post some books I can recommend for you based on what I know about you! Where I can, I will post links to where you can watch the books being read. If you have any suggestions for me, unfortunately you can not post them here but you can post them on the Oakfield Primary Academy Facebook page. I would love to hear what your reading! 

In the meantime, keep watching for new suggestions! 


Tuesday 24th March - The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers



 This has to be one of my all time favourite books! Oliver Jeffers is a brilliant author and I really like all of his books. I enjoyed this book because it is written differently to a story. Written through a series of letters from the crayons, they explain to their owner, Duncan, why they are so fed up. Will they come back to help Duncan make his picture? 


Once you have read The Day the Crayons Quit, can you write your own version of a letter from one of the Crayons? 

Pretend to be Duncan. What could you say to persuade the crayons to come back? Write a letter to the crayons and use your powers of persuasion.

As an extra challenge: can you think of another object in your house that might go on strike? What would they write in their letter? Write a letter from the point of view from a different object: a cheese grater who is tired of grating, a TV remote that is fed up of being argued over. The possibilities are endless! 


Wednesday 25th March - Grandad's Great Escape by David Walliams 

 This book is extremely heart warming and really made me smile (and cry)! Jack's Grandad used to be a pilot during the war. As he has grown old, he finds himself living in a care home but would love to fly one more time. Jack creates a plan to try to help Grandpa escape. Will he be able to pull it off? 


If your grandparent wanted to escape a care home, how would you help them? Create your own cunning plan to help them get up to some mischief!

Using the venn diagram template in your pack, can you compare Grandpa to another elderly character from a different story?


Thursday 26th March - Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

 I finished this book yesterday and I felt so sad it had ended. Luckily this is the first book in a series about the pupils of Deepdean School for Girls. I will definitely be reading the next one. It was incredibly funny and has very mischievous characters! Can the girls solve the mysterious murder of one of their class teachers? 


Write your own suspects list, describing all of your teachers and friends. Are any of them sneaky and acting suspicious? 

Could there be a murder at Oakfield? What clues would the murderer leave behind? Write your own detective novel including your school friends. 


Friday 27th March - Stuck by Oliver Jeffers



That's right! Another book by Oliver Jeffers. Although this one is short, I really enjoy how funny it is. Oliver Jeffers thinks of so many things that could get stuck in a tree when the little boy tries to get his kite down. Surely something will knock it down?


Write your own list of things that could get stuck in the tree when trying to get the kite out. Remember your commas in a list!

Create some speech bubbles for the characters in the story. What do you think the firemen and orangutan might be saying?  



Monday 30th March - Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin 



What happens when farm animals go on strike? I first heard of this book when I was training to be a teacher. On our first day at university, the English lecturer stood at the front of a huge hall and told us she would read her favourite book, Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type. Everybody in the hall was laughing and smiling as she read out loud the cows letters. I now have my own copy and love reading it when I need a smile. A brilliantly funny book that I think even your parents would enjoy! 


Why not write your own letter back to the cows? Can you persuade them to work again? 

Below are some writing templates. What would happen if different farm animals got the type writer? Have a go at writing your own letter to Farmer Brown.

Create some thought bubbles for the farmer. What do you think he is thinking when he receives the letters? 



Tuesday 31st March - The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka


I know that we have read this book in class but it was a long time ago! I really like this book because it is a brand new perspective on the story of The Three Little Pigs. Alexander T. Wolf insists that he is innocent and was only after a cup of sugar. Do you agree with him? 


Using a venn diagram, can you compare Alexander to another wolf from a fairy tale. What is the same about the two wolves and what is different? Take a look in your pack for a venn diagram template. 

Can you retell another fairytale from the point of view of the villain? Perhaps Maleficent was only trying to protect Sleeping Beauty. Were Cinderella's step sisters really evil? I would love to see how your story turns out! Post it on the Facebook page so I can see. 


Wednesday 1st April- Grandad's Island by Benji Davis

The first time I read this book was when the year 6 children were in year 2. We were learning all about rainforests and I wanted to find a book with beautiful illustrations to show the class. The illustrations in this book are bright, detailed and absolutely stunning. Syd and Grandad take one final adventure to a tropical island that is full of exotic animals. What will they see? It is a book so full of imagination and we enjoyed it so much we even performed an assembly about it! 


Can you create a piece of artwork based on the animals on Grandad's Island? Why not use coloured paper to cut out feathers for a pretty parrot or sketch an orange orangutan? 

What do you think Grandad's letter could say to Syd? Can you write your own version? 

Can you retell the story but in a different setting? What if Syd and Grandad went under the sea to take a closer look at a coral reef? If they travelled to the artic, what would they see? 


Thursday 2nd April- Don't Look in This Book by Samuel Langley



The title of this book is so intriguing that you can't help but look in the book! A wonderfully descriptive book with beautiful pictures, it really is worth looking inside. I do not want to say too much about this book and spoil the surprise. However, if you want a book full of imagination, then this one is for you! 


Is this like any book you have read before? Can you write a new blurb for it to make readers keen to read it? Remember, when we are writing a blurb, we are not giving away too much information, just clues! Some of you are very good at doing this! 


Friday 3rd April- Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets by M. P. Robertson




In Year 2 we need to practice using adjectives, words that describe. This book has some amazing adjectives to describe the unusual pets. Hieronymus Betts has a range of pets with spines, claws, feathers and fangs. But what is the slimiest, tallest, scariest, loudest pet he has? 


Write a list of all the adjectives you can hear in the story. There are so many, I wonder who can hear the most?

Design your own unusual pet and label it using adjectives. Will you pet be spotty, stripy, tall or short? I would love to see your designs! 

Can you write a non chronological report about your pet explaining how to look after it? Don't forget your title, which could be the name of your pet. Some of your subheadings could be: What does it eat? What habitat does it need? What does it look like?


Monday 6th April- The World's Worst Children by David Walliams 


I absolutely love this series of books because in each book, there are several stories. David Walliams describes the worst children imaginable! Could you imagine being sat next to Peter Picker, who ALWAYS has his finger up his nose? Imagine if you had to play with Grubby Gertrude who has the smelliest socks in the class! These children are revolting! 


Could you write a story about some of your friends? Would they be the world's worst children or the world's best children? Think about adjectives that start with the same letter as your friends name. You could have names like Lovely Lena, Naughty Nicola or Mischievous Max! What would they get up to? 

This is the perfect book to do a venn diagram to compare characters. Do these children remind you of any other characters you know? These children are so naughty, they remind me of the children who visit the Chocolate factory. To make things worse... Earnest Ernest sounds a bit like Horrid Henry's little brother Perfect Peter! What links can you make?